this little light

The girls’ school principal called the house the day after Thanksgiving. I wondered if she was making a Swine check – perhaps ensuring that we were properly quarantined and that no little piggies would be escaping into her school. But as it turned out, she wanted to share a story with us.

The week before Thanksgiving, there had been an all-school assembly. The stage had been set up with a microphone to address the students. Brooke and her aide had apparently gotten to the auditorium a few minutes early and little miss had found the microphone.

Have I ever told you that my girl LOVES a microphone? Katie got one of those pink and purple numbers for her birthday a few years back. Heaven knows how many performances it’s heard. Katie may be the queen of Hannah Montana, but her little sister brings the house down with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The principal said that as people made their way to the assembly, they were stopped in their tracks just outside the auditorium. ‘This little voice was just so incredibly clear,” she said. A buzz began to gather steam in the hallway.

“Is that Brooke?”

“Doesn’t that sound like little Brooke?”

“That’s got to be her.”

Inside, a little girl stood on the empty stage. She sang into the microphone, loud and clear. And if I know my kid, right on key.

The song was the one they’ve been learning in music class. Of course it was. What else could it possibly have been? It’s just too perfect.

This little light of mine.

I’m gonna let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Shine on, my sweet girl. Shine on.

26 thoughts on “this little light

  1. Thank you. Thank you. What a wonderful way to start Grammy’s morning. I now have her spectacular voice in my ear! She’s a star!


  2. Oh my! How wonderful is that, and what it says about Brooke and how she feels about herself, and the wonderful atmosphere that school provides for her.
    The teachers and the principal should stand just a bit taller as they digest what her comfort means about them as well as Brooke.
    Love you,

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