learn your lessons well











“Hey, Katie. Want to see the Jesus doll? I’m so excited. It’s really coming together. I can’t wait to give it to Brooke.”

“Wow, Mama, that looks really good. Except I still don’t get why she picked those buttons for the face. I think they look weird.”

“I know baby, but remember what I told you.”

“It’s her doll and she should have it the way she wants it.”

“That’s right, sweetie. If you wanted a doll I’d make it exactly the way you wanted it too.”

“Hey, Mama?”

“Yes, baby.”

“You know what’s coming next, right?”


“She’s gonna want Mary Magdalene for her birthday.”

20 thoughts on “learn your lessons well

  1. LOL! That is so freakin’ funny!

    Are you really making this doll yourself. If so, woman – do you not sleep? What is your secret?

  2. all – lest i give you the impression that i crafted this thing from three pieces of felt and a shoestring –

    a) it’s not nearly as hard as it looks


    b) i am the queen of outsourcing. long live google!!

    i bought the muslin doll body at our local craft store. yes, they sell doll bodies – you do not have to design them, sew them or even stuff them. all pre-done.

    the hair was a struggle – a blond afro doll wig is a tough call, but google didn’t let me down.

    then came the clothes. i knew i was over my skis with the clothes. creating tiny little doll shirts and pants is way, way beyond my skill level. and so, i googled. and googled and googled and googled. and i found my angel.


    kris was a godsend. i told her my story – odd as it was – and pled for her help. she graciously let me bombard her with photos (and even videos) from the movie and she (seemingly) never lost patience with me. i’m fairly certain this is not her typical job and i was definitely not her typical customer.

    i was really, really, really impressed by her work. it was quick, incredibly well done and VERY fairly priced. i will be forever in her debt.

    so if you ever need any custom doll clothes, PLEASE drop her a line and tell her the crazy godspell lady sent you. 🙂

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