sending love

To Mr Russell

May the Lord Bless You



If you’ve been around here for a while, you may recall me writing about my dear friend Jeneil over at Autism in a Word. Over the summer, we had the incredible honor of hosting Jeneil, her husband Brandon and their two beautiful children. They are the kind of people who reach your soul. They are people who live their faith. With every action, they embody the kind of grace and humility that most of us spend a lifetime trying to find.

Brandon is a soldier in the US Army. He is currently deployed in Iraq.

No matter how hard I have tried, I have never been able to get Jeneil to tell me what she needs. Finally – FINALLY – she has asked for something. In typical fashion, she is not asking for anything for herself. Her request is simple and costs no more than a stamp and a moment of our time. She is asking for cards for her dear husband.

Please, please take just a minute to add Brandon to your Christmas card list. This small gesture can help let him know just how much we appreciate his service and the incredible sacrifice he is making on our behalf.

There is no easy time to be away from family, but I can imagine that Christmas must be especially tough. Please, keep this beautiful family in your hearts and your prayers – and on your list!

MAJ Brandon Russell
FOB Sykes
APO AE 09351

Please read Jeneil’s post here.

Ed note ~ Katie has asked to write something herself. Here she is …

Hi. It’s Katie. Please be sure to give a warm thank you to Mr. Russell because he does so much for our country. Thank you so much.

9 thoughts on “sending love

  1. i’m definitely on board. a letter will ensue. gotta be a lot of hours to kill there, so i know mail can make a nice dent in some of that off time. besides, janeil is asking, that’s all i need to hear.

  2. The second I saw Katie’s picture I got watery eyes and a lump in my throat. Thank you so very much – I know he will treasure each card. Thank you, thank you.

  3. My father fought in the Vietnam War. I recently went through some boxes he gave me of family records. He kept all the cards my first grade class sent him.

    My husband fought in Desert Storm and kept things kids gave him.

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