the greatest gift


Nik climbing to new heights

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So I was all sorts of excited to tell you about something that I wrote that was actually sorta published in a real live not-blog kind of place. But that’s going to have to wait.

Because something miraculous happened last night and it needs to be shared RIGHT NOW.

Please read this.


I implore you.

And I dare you not to be uplifted – like top of the world, anything is possible, look Ma no hands, there can be Peace in the Middle East kind of  uplifted.

It is a story of triumph. A story of a a mother driven by hope, who was just given the greatest gift imaginable. After six long years, she heard her dear son’s voice.

In this season of convergent holidays, some celebrate a sacred birth and a new beginning. Some celebrate an age-old miracle and the mystery of God’s grace in troubled times. Some celebrate their journey to the present by honoring their past. 

The common thread is hope.

And this story proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is indeed a place for hope.

Yes, Virginia, EVERYTHING is possible if you believe.

Click Here.

7 thoughts on “the greatest gift

  1. extremely nice to read. hopefully someone will read this…someone still waiting for that moment, someone feeling despair…and realize that these things happen, that it’s okay to feel hopeful…good moments are waiting within all of the difficulties.

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