christmas magic


It was a day of magic. A day filled with love. And music ~

It was a Sesame Street kind of day ~

With new friends (Oscar, Telly Monster, Prairie Dawn and Rosita) joining the old ~

For lots of love …

… and hugs! (Look carefully – They’re all hugging) ~

It was a day filled with visions of confectionary perfection ~

And twirls!

The kind of day when sherbet colored paratroopers …

… float in from the skies ~

And bricks and mortar are made of gingerbread and buttercream ~

But through all the magic, one question remained ~

Would the Jesus doll live up to the last two month’s refrain?

Trying to fulfill her baby’s only request, Mama sewed late into the night …

… hoping upon hope that he’d be just right.

Mama was nervous, but as it turned out – there was no need to worry, no need to doubt ~

A kiss sealed the deal ~

And when it was time for the birthday cake after the meal ~

Jesus blew his candle out ~

Ed note ~ Yes, we made a birthday cake for Jesus. Yes, I know that’s a little odd. But every single day leading up to Christmas, Brooke asked if we could sing Happy Birthday to Him. And every single day, I said, “Not until His birthday.” When she woke up this morning, it was the VERY FIRST THING WE DID.

And as for why that cake turned out to be a giant Oreo? Hey, just go with it.

18 thoughts on “christmas magic

  1. Jess-What a wonderful day! Having grown up on Godspell, I LOVE your Jesus. A second career? 🙂 As for the happy birthday, we grew up having a small round yellow cake with white confectioners sugar icing and multi colored sprinkles on top each Christmas morning. It is called “The Baby Jesus Cake.” We (all 6 kids and mom and dad) have sung Happy Birthday Baby Jesus for as long as I can remember. I love it! But I really want to know how you made that oreo cake!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. What a fantastic birthday party that must’ve been! And, um, yeah, I want to know how you made that giant oreo, too! YUM.

    GODSPELL. I’m still floored that your girls even know it let alone like it! One of my favorite shows I ever did (I played Gilmer in a dinner theater prod waaaay back in the day in Worcester. But that’s another story!) *sigh*

  3. ooh, emily – i love that you did a cake too!

    and the big secret of the oreo cake – not so secret if you’ve got a williams sonoma catalog 😉

    it took less time to make than a typical iced cake and everyone loved it. best part – i was able cut a piece right out of the center for brooke (who can’t tolerate icing) and no one was any the wiser. i just filled in the hole with the buttercream filling.

  4. Every year since the children were born, I’m known to say, “Best Christmas ever!” I know, I’ll say it again next year but, seriously, this was the best Christmas ever and believe me, I’ve never ever sung Happy Birthday to Jesus before.

    Thank you, all.


    • thanks, lady! to both you and mama edge – i’m not sure if it’s as impressive as it is downright bewildering and she’s not so much ‘into’ it as she is completely obsessed with it. but it’s fun.

      one never knows what’s going to crawl into our kids’ heads. i certainly couldn’t have called this one!

  5. Completely off topic, but I LOVE Brooke’s pjs!

    Love the doll, love the cake, love the Jesus kiss, love every pic, love it all. Glad you had a magical day!

  6. COMPLETELY magical! Every bit. Your photos are fantastic! What a day to treasure. And I love it that you are going headlong with her Godspell interest. That Jesus doll is perfect, girl! You have so many talents.

  7. You killed me dead with the pictures, and you know, all things Sesame Street are near and dear to my near and dear. And c’mon, the haircut? The adorable bob? Run, get me a damn spoon! Then, THEN you added the Jesus doll?

    No words left to describe my awe.

  8. I always make a birthday cake for Jesus…um, it’s his birthday.

    and, I , uh..have this overwhelming desire to be a little girl and have you as my mommy. Or maybe a drinking buddy.

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