Posted in January 2010

a pause

3:00 am i have no hope of falling back to sleep stuck on the details the worries of everyday life i’ve got to get to the tailor will there be time this weekend? something i missed in the IEP how could i have not noticed it? changes at work how will they effect us? a … Continue reading


To you I hope to give two things ~ To give you roots To give you wings * I sat on the edge of the pull-out couch in my dad’s guest room. Brooke was happy up there, knowing that her Great-Grandma Ooma was right across the hall and that ‘the boys’ – my dad’s two dogs … Continue reading

paying it forward – the freedom project

The other night, I was rummaging through a bag of random stuff in my bedroom. No, seriously – I mean RANDOM. Think one yo-yo, a plastic crocodile, a construction paper diorama, a hotel receipt from a business trip in 2006, a torn pair of stockings, one piece of chewing gum and an old, uncharged iPod.    … Continue reading

the doctor is in

. . . Ever since Christmas, there’s been a curious phenomenon around my house. If you’ve spent any time studying the migration habits of muppets, you will know that Sesame Street friends tend to travel in packs. Zoe and Prairie Dawn are almost always on the move together while Big Bird likes to hang back … Continue reading

under the spotlight

. “If you would have guests merry with your cheer, be so yourself, or so at least appear.” ~ Ben Franklin . We’ve had a lot of guests lately. It happens around the holidays, of course. And I love having guests. Right? I do; don’t I? When we moved here, I was determined to find … Continue reading

light of the world

* * You are the light of the world But if that light is under a bushel, then it’s lost somethin’ kind of crucial You’ve got to stay bright to be the light of the world So let your light so shine before men Let your light so shine ~ Light of the World, from … Continue reading

an unlikely love letter

Mr Steve Jobs Apple Headquarters Cupertino, CA . . . . . Dear Mr Jobs, My name is Jess and I have something that I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now. I think I love you. Now, I know you probably get a lot of this – crazed fans writing in to … Continue reading

ten years hence

** ** TEN! Luau and I stand on a riverboat in New Orleans, ready to ring in the new millenium. I tuck into my wrap to ward off the wind. Who knew it would be so cold in New Orleans? The smallest details stay with me. The soft pashmina of the pink wrap – the tiny crystals embroidered … Continue reading