So kiss me and smile for me

Tell me that you’ll wait for me

Hold me like you’ll never let me go

Cause I’m leavin on a jet plane

Don’t know when I’ll be back again

~ John Denver

There was a time – back when money flowed freely and was sure to last forever – that our little family traveled quite a bit. There wasn’t a school break that went by without us taking full advantage and heading off for warmer climates. We travelled often and we traveled well.

With a few GLARING exceptions (fodder for another day), Brooke traveled far better than one might expect. We learned early on to write out a schedule for her. Just a simple, hand-written calendar showing when we leave, what days we’ll be away and when we are set to return did wonders to put her mind at ease. We would post it prominently in her room and check it together every morning. Over the course of the trip we would add in each day’s activities to help her see the time elapse. Many were as simple as ‘made sand angels at the beach’.

The money, of course did NOT last forever. As a matter of fact it apparently went on its own (very) extended vacation. And it took with it our ability to traipse around the planet. It’s been a long time – a very long time – since we’ve been on a plane as a family.

This morning – if I can ever manage to finish packing! – we will be heading off to the airport and flying south for six glorious days. So far, the weather at our destination is not cooperating. Not even a little. Despite average temperatures in the mid to high seventies this time of year, it’s been peaking each day in the low (very low) sixties. Not exactly beach weather.

It broke my heart to explain to Katie last night why we may have to nix our vacation tradition of walking the beach pre-sunrise to watch the glory of the dawning day. At forty degrees, it just doesn’t hold the same allure as sixty-five. Bless her heart, she asked if we could bring our jackets. I’ll try to come up with something.

I’m not sure what we’ll do for six days without sun. My attempts to stay upbeat have so far failed miserably, but I’m starting the day with a better attitude. It is what it is and we’ll make the best of it – even if we’re trolling the beach for shells in our ski jackets.

Besides, half the time the weather guys just throw darts at the map, right? They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. There could always be a warm front that unexpectedly makes its way up from South America, no? No? C’mon, people, help me out. I reeeeeeeeally need to see some damn sun.

So, here I go. I’m packing the bathing suits and hoping for the best.

Wish us luck!

26 thoughts on “leaving

  1. I wish you SUN! Money, trips? I believe I remember those – oh yes, watching the tulips come up in Holland, skiing to an out door cafe and enjoying fondue as the Matterhorn loomed next to us, riding a bike to our next vineyard in Bordeux. Yes, yes, I remember those days – barely but fondly. Its another staycation for the Condons but we are wishing SUN for all our friends heading south and SNOW for all our friends heading north. We will hold down the fort for all. 🙂

  2. Stuck in the Snowpocalypse as we are, I’m envious you can get away. Enjoy- even without the sun, the change of scene will be great for you all. Our little spectrum globetrotter visited 10 countries before a year old, and loved it. It always amazes me the things that our kids aren’t supposed to be because of the diagnosis. Have a great time all of you!

  3. My cold-weather-beach-vacation experience has been this- Kids love the beach no matter the temperature. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well it goes.

    You all deserve it!

  4. Good Luck! You’ll have fun no matter what and walking the beach in a jacket is still fun–we did it xmas break in SC!

  5. Enjoy your trip and safe travels. I find the beach air works wonders no matter the temperature. When we pull up to the Maine coast I find my breathing automatically slows. Enjoy!

  6. Weather men definitely get it wrong all the time!!! I bet you’ll see some sun. But, even if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous trip. We had a similar experience this past summer: we rented a house on Plum Island in July, our first vacation as a family of three, our first time doing a real, grown-up, plan-it-ourselves vacation, with our very own beach rental. We were so excited. We flew Peter’s dad over from Ireland to meet Finn for the first time during our glorious 7-day stay.

    It rained EVERY day. We walked to the beach (500 feet from our front door) twice, through fog and drizzle.

    BUT we still had an amazing trip, an amazing time as a family. We grilled while holding umbrellas, played lots of games, snuggled up to watch movies, took a few trips to the shops at Newburyport, bought Finn a LOT of balloons to keep him entertained, and made a lot of happy memories just being together as a family.

    Sun or not, I’m sure you guys will have a great trip and enjoy some much needed time away!

  7. think about all the people who went to Walt Disney World in January and it was, what, 30 degrees for the low temps? ACK!
    Think about it this way – no matter what, you get away, and the change of pace will do you good. Reframe it to make NEW traditions for colder weather and I bet the kids would HAPPY to follow suit. I bet they’re so thrilled to just be going somewhere – and they would love their mama happy too. 🙂 XO R

  8. well, i hope kate gets her wish of a sunrise beach walk…and it’s nice that she appreciates moments like that. a lot of kids just want a video game or tv in front of them all day. so…hopefully all will go well, sounds like much fun will happen. enjoy, travel safe.

  9. Hope you have an amazingly good time just being together. I’ll be thinking of you, as always.

    Love you, Luau, Katie and Brooke.


  10. Every year we go to FL in December. The last two years–beautiful. This year? FREEZING!!!!!! But…all the pools were heated and we spent plenty of time in them. I did not get to have my burger and beers poolside, but it was a small sacrifice. Have fun. It’s great to just get away.

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