thanks for flying jet blue


It must have been three years ago. Or maybe it was four. I think we were flying down to Florida, but I’m not entirely sure. You see, unlike my daughter, I forget details over time.

A passenger on our flight was celebrating his birthday. A flight attendant asked us all to join in singing Happy Birthday to him. Over the PA system, he led us in song,

Happy Birthday to you

Thanks for flying Jet Blue

We’re so glad to be here

To celebrate with you.

We all chuckled. And had we been anyone else’s family, that would most likely have been the end of the story. Just a cute moment that would have been long forgotten. But we’re not anyone else’s family. We’re Brooke’s family. So that wasn’t the end of the story; it was the beginning.

Brooke hates the Happy Birthday song. She’s reached a point where she can tolerate it (especially sung quietly), but it sure as heck wouldn’t make her top ten. But the Jet Blue song?




And so it was that yesterday morning, Luau, Katie and I tip-toed into Brooke’s balloon-filled bedroom and sang,

Happy Birthday to you

Thanks for flying Jet Blue

We’re so glad to be here

To celebrate with you.

And my brand, spanking new seven year-old beamed from ear to ear.

26 thoughts on “thanks for flying jet blue

  1. LOVE IT.

    Years ago my 10 year old son tried to stretch out prayer time (i.e. awake time) as long as possible by throwing in extra prayers. As a last resort we started saying the dinner thing “God is Great, God is Good……” He no longer fights bedtime like he did back then but this very rational adult and this tween boy still find ourselves thanking God for our food as prayer #2 in a three prayer sequence every night.

    Three cheers for Jet Blue!

  2. Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

    DD says, “Isn’t that the email that usually makes you cry at breakfast?”

  3. Excellent! It’s so funny how different kids on the spectrum are cause Dev loooooooves him some birthday song but I think he knows it means CAKE is coming! LOL

  4. Love that! I gotta try it, my daughter wouldn’t let us sing at all last year and both Grammy’s were crushed. You’re the best Mom ever.

  5. My family still sings a version of the birthday song we heard at Disney on Ice when I was about 10. I’m getting a kick out of the idea that there’s another family who does something similar.

  6. I can picture the whole scene. Love it! Isabella doesn’t let us sing – anything. Bummer. But she doesn’t mind the bd song maybe because there is cake involved.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  7. I always liked “Happy Birthday to you, You live in a zoo, and smell like one too, happy birthday to you…” Something like that anyway.

  8. I could have written this, except that we’ve never flown Jet Blue. There are about five different birthday songs adopted from other sources, that we rotate through around here. None of them are the traditional “Happy Birthday,” which is That Which Must Not Be Sung.

  9. mine hates the bbday song esspically when it is in restaurants. I have to practically jump the staff to make sure they don’t come to our table and sing to him when a well meaning family member or friend asks them too. Every time I see them going for a nearby table I send him to the bathroom if he hasn’t already run there.

  10. my grandson who is 5 has always hated! the cutting of the cake, always led to a meltdown. Just before his 4th birthday (now that he has more language skills) he informed us he didnt like his favourite people (ie the character on the cake) being cut up!! It was a uh uh moment for us…… so for the 4th birthday, plain cake with just candles and I painted a picture of Scooby Doo with a cake and 4 candles and framed it. He has kept the painting and no tears! heaven when we get creative in our approach. Hooray for families who think outside the box 🙂

  11. My grandson who turned 6 in March is also unhappy when adults sing in his presence. He will allow the birthday song ONLY if there is a plain full size cake with candles to blow out. He also does not like to see his characters cut up. He also will NOT eat any type of cake, just wants it so he can blow out candles!

  12. I know so many Autistic kids that hate the happy birthday song. It is an acquired taste for some people. We sing it just for the heck of it in preschool to make it ordinary and it seems to work.

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