as if

My husband wrote a post on his running blog the other day called Act As If. The title came from the philosophy of famed Harvard Women’s basketball coach, Kathy Delaney-Smith. As Luau tells it, Delaney-Smith led her team to “one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history.” Apparently they are the only sixteenth-seeded team in NCAA history ever to beat a number one seed in the championship tournament.
Luau explains that Delaney-Smith preached a simple philosophy. She taught her athletes to ‘Act as if…’
To act as if they’re not tired.
To act as if they’re confident.
To act as if they’re not hurt.
As Luau heads into the Boston Marathon this coming Monday, he’s relying on the Act As If philosophy to reach his goal – a qualifying time under three hours and twenty minutes.
I’m not running the Boston Marathon. Hell, I’m not even running to the mailbox these days. But those words make sense to me.
I’m acting as if.
Acting as if I’m not scared to death.
Acting as if I trust my instincts.
Acting as if I know what the hell I’m doing.
Acting as if I am calm in the middle of the storm.
Acting as if I don’t need all the answers.
Acting as if I know we will be OK.
Acting as if my love is stronger than the demons that haunt my baby girl.
Acting as if that’s enough.

24 thoughts on “as if

  1. Fake it to you make it. That’s what I do everyday. Don’t look under the wise ass Jersey Girl facade, it’ll scare you.

    Right there with ya girlie!

  2. I’m just trying to act as if I haven’t totally lost my marbles … I don’t think my performance is too convincing. 🙂

    So excited for Lu on Monday. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!! It’s going to be a great day … I can feel it.. 🙂

  3. Brilliant. We use this in acting all the time. Coupled with that is something called “Intention” which drives the actor – it’s what the character REALLY, REALLY wants – you have to narrow it down to one thing – and then you act AS IF.

    I think you’ve got the intention thing down.


  4. Shhhh, here’s a secret…..We’re all acting, but the ‘trusting your instincts’ is right on the money. You WILL be alright, because of the love and the instincts and even the being scared part. They all balance out to help us with big decisions and little ones. Good luck to both of you in your own “marathons”.

  5. Often, I have to go to a quiet space and poor out all my doubts and concerns to God. Then, and only then, am I ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

    I hope Luau has his new p.r. Fifty degrees and overcast; a marathoner’s ideal weather!

  6. There’s some interesting studies that show that “faking it” can actually produce the same brain chemicals that “real” does. A fake smile produces the same “happy chemical” in your brain that a real one does- not the same quantity, but the same stuff. The muscle movements trigger the emotions, rather than the emotions triggering the muscles.

    And there’s all kinds of wonderful philsophy about how putting it out into the Universe/God/prayer makes it actually happen. Having other people put those out there for you helps too. 🙂 The only possibility is success.

    And to quote Frank N’Furter- “Don’t dream it, be it”!

  7. acting “as if” HAS to be enough…at least enough until it’s actual. You’re doin good Jess…doin good. (right behind ya)

  8. What…you mean I’m not the only mom that doesn’t have her act together? You all have been faking it? I am definitely going to try this out.

  9. I printed off your act as if portion of the blog. Think I need to carry it in my purse with me at all times. love it

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