run luau run



You’ve prepared for this.

You’ve got this.

Know yourself.

Listen to your body.

Trust yourself.

Have faith.

We’re with you at every step.

Game on baby.


~ The note that Luau will read just before the starting gun of the 114th Boston Marathon this morning.


I don’t run. I’ve tried and failed to become a runner – for now. I’ll try again.

But it matters not.

I know a thing or two about endurance.

And persistence.

And exhaustion.

And will.

(And love.)

I sealed the note with an autism awareness pin. Because when I’m scraping the bottom – when I need to dig deep within myself and find a way to keep moving – I think of our little girl. I think of what she does EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If Brooke can make it through HER marathon, Luau can sure as hell make it through this one in three hours and twenty minutes.

You got this, babe.

Run Luau Run.

* The hat Katie will be wearing as she cheers Daddy in today




Luau finished the marathon in 3:32:24. Unfortunately, he missed his goal of 3:20 (which would have qualified him for next year’s marathon) but he scorched the course, looked strong as he ran by Katie and me on Heartbreak Hill and did all of us (and hopefully himself!!) incredibly proud.

I ran beside him for two blocks – and truth be told I don’t know that I could have made it to three at his pace.

He rocked it.

You go babe!

* Katie actually IN the hat, cheering for the runners.

** Note to self .. must exact revenge on man selling plastic horns. Positively the worst $5 ever spent in the history of the modern world.

27 thoughts on “run luau run

  1. And all four of you motivate us in ways big and small by sharing your experiences with us so freely. Hope Luau has an amazing run; he definitely has the best cheerleaders!!

  2. i’ve been keeping up with his posts, really excited for him…this is a huge milestone, something most of us will never get to do, so i’m pulling for him, thinking of you guys.

    congratulations, luau.

  3. Great job Luau! What an amazing feat!

    Mr. A is running a marathon in two weeks. It will be his 4th. I bought cowbells for the boys. Maybe I’ll “forget” them 😉

  4. Thank you everyone for your support! Although I didn’t hit the 3:20 I was hoping for, the 3:32 was a 22 minute improvement on my previous best. Thank you all again!

  5. that is such an amazing thing to me – any running at all impresses me! I have to stick with dancing (back injury issues, sadly) Well done to you all and congratulations on such an incredible new time. (I often quote the character of Margaret in the ‘Sense and Sensibility’ film with Emma Thonmpson: “I’m not supposed to run!” it should be said in a very mournful tone, too) I love the hat but agree that plastic horns are to be avoided at all costs.

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