The following should be mandatory reading for every parent of every child in the nation.

Please read it.

Please leave a comment for G.

Let her know that we ALL walk that schoolyard with her boy, with her husband, with HER.

They MUST know that they are not alone in their pain.


Words leave damage in their wake.

Ignorance HURTS.


Please read it.

And then pass it on.

Because G is absolutely right.

This is all too normal.

8 thoughts on “normal

  1. I read it, I cried for her and I cried for her Roo. The pain they are feeling is all too common and so completely uncalled for. I hear the comments about my own Kindergartner. I have to remind myself that kids say things and they don’t always mean them, and that some parents are ignorant and say things that should never be said, let alone, said infront of their child.
    I yearn for the day that the other children in my sons school wont see his differences and will see him for the lovable sweet little boy that he is. The artist, the athlete, the animal lover. Not the boy who flaps like a bird, or the one who has to stop after every step to adjust his pants so they are ‘just right’, and often causes the others in line behind him to fumble. I know it starts with the parents, and with all of us in this ‘club’ working together, we will get the word out and stop the discrimination and the pain.

  2. Feel your pain, mom. I have a song to share with you that I co-wrote for my 18-year-old severely autistic daughter. It is called “I am Somebody” and we are taking it to a national level. It is a start and her voice, if she could speak. E-mail me – anyone who wants to hear it. Cannot publish it yet!

    You will cry and love it.


  3. I cried for a long time after you posted this link on facebook. I don’t know what to say. I just want to hug her, him, all of us and escape to a place where sh*t like this doesn’t happen.

  4. Thanks for posting this. Every parent of a disabled child has nightmares about events such as this, and I’ll vouch for teachers when I say we worry about this happening under our radar all the time. I was saddened by it, but it’s important that it was written.


  5. I read the post and left a comment. So sad. =(

    I just came across your blog recently and have really enjoyed reading it. I loved your post: Welcome To The Club. Thank you for writing that. It hit close to home because my son was just diagnosed a month ago. I am very glad we do not have to walk this road alone.

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