Posted in May 2010

to-do list

Graves at Arlington National Cemetery * To-Do List for Memorial Day Weekend Take white pants out of storage – Hooray! Wash towels and bathing suits – sort through to see what still fits the kids Trim the hedges by the fence Move the paving stones, call landscaper to see if he wants them Supermarket: Hamburgers … Continue reading


yes, she’s wearing cowboy boots. so? * The scene should be unremarkable. A little girl sits on the floor with the family dog. She reaches out to stroke his fur. Her mother chides her gently. “Not too hard, baby. Remember to be gentle with him.” She pets him again, repeating her mother’s words in her … Continue reading


** Over the years Brooke’s bedtime routine has changed. Or perhaps more accurately evolved. Yes, evolved is a better word. It has incrementally morphed into something different than it once was. It used to be that as I walked out of her room at the end of every night I’d say, “Mama loves you, baby.” … Continue reading

marshmallow and a month old play date

** The following post contains two stories that may seem pretty incongruous. They have no apparent connection to one another, other than the fact that they both happened last night. But hey, that’s the way our lives work around here. There are almost always two (and often three) completely disparate conversations happening concurrently as we … Continue reading

you hear that?

earlier in the day, in the few minutes of spare time before school ** Luau and I sit in the office not long after dinner. I am behind the desk tapping at the keyboard; he sits in the worn leather chair by the bookshelf. Winston is on his lap. The girls have gone upstairs. Together. … Continue reading

right on time at hopeful parents

. . It was an innocent enough e-mail from my friend Carrie. ‘Just hoping everything is OK,’ she said, ‘because I noticed you haven’t posted at Hopeful Parents today.’ I looked at my calendar. May 17th. Crap! How could I have forgotten? I looked at the time. 5:30 pm Crap! We were just about to … Continue reading

a prized collection

** Katie’s been dying to start a collection. It doesn’t seem to matter much WHAT she collects, so long as she can say that she does indeed collect SOMETHING. She’s given a go at seashells. We’ve brought them back from beaches far and wide, cleaned and bleached and dried them out – only to find … Continue reading

do you?

*** You’d think I would get it. I mean, hell – I spend half my time thinking about and talking about (and writing about) my daughter’s challenges. I virtually live in the language of difference – or at least I live virtually in the language of difference. So how is it that I’m still taken … Continue reading

to you

*** The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~ Rajneesh I knew that motherhood would change me. Or at least I knew that it would re-order my priorities. What I didn’t know was that … Continue reading

what i wish for

** The day was unseasonably warm, so most of the guests at Katie’s first birthday party had made their way outside. A cousin and I sat on the steps watching the little ones swarm the swing set. We intervened in a couple of near misses, but for the most part we sat, watched and chatted … Continue reading