right on time at hopeful parents


Hopeful Parents


It was an innocent enough e-mail from my friend Carrie.

‘Just hoping everything is OK,’ she said, ‘because I noticed you haven’t posted at Hopeful Parents today.’

I looked at my calendar.

May 17th.


How could I have forgotten?

I looked at the time.

5:30 pm


We were just about to sit down to dinner.


Seriously, how on earth could I just FORGET?

I trolled through my Draft Box, but found it woefully empty. There was not a dang thing in there that I could publish. Instead, it was full of splintered ideas and various kernels of ‘Ooh, wouldn’t this be a good post someday when I have the time and energy to pull it together?’ You know, like NEVER.

The only thing I had was the half-finished post that I’d intended to publish here today. And very little time.

In a frenzy, I sat down at the computer after dinner. Luau generously accepted my mutterings as explanation (something like, Crap, Crap, Crap, I can’t believe I forgot.) and brought the girls up to shower. I hastily wrote the second half of what was to be today’s post, cut and pasted it over to Hopeful Parents, cringed and hit ‘Publish.’

I’m not a ‘throw it together’ kind of girl. It’s just not my style. I’m more of a ‘throw it together and then edit it to within an inch of its life’ kinda girl. But life doesn’t always work the way we’d like it to, does it? Sometimes, the curtain goes up before we’ve gotten into our places or even finished shimmying into our costumes. It ain’t always pretty, but the show goes on with or without us.

So here it is ..

Right on Time

(Thanks, Carrie)

13 thoughts on “right on time at hopeful parents

    • I’m confused by the language comment. As a born again Christian and the parent of a disabled child, there’s times when I do say stuff like this and worse.

  1. I thought it was a great post–even you’re “thrown together” posts are wonderful!

    (and I seriously hope that the #1 comment is a joke! Oh my!)

  2. Well, for those of – ahem – delicate sensibility, I changed a ‘hell’ and a ‘damn’. Hey, I’m nothing if not accomodating.

    But the ‘crap’ ain’t going anywhere. Cause sometimes, Connie – much as it may not be pleasant – life can be full of crap. And the only thing I ever promised on this blog was that it would be real.

    All the best.

  3. Oh, if only my super-duper edited-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives posts could be as eloquent as those you throw together! This post was even better the second time I read it.

    Crap, Jess…I think you’re great. 😉

  4. You’re welcome! It’s only because I always have your hard act to follow, that I was aware you were missing! Who’s great idea was it to give me the 18th?

    If you need lessons in half assing things, I’m your gal! This weekend STM watched me in action (“planting” flower seeds) and said, “You’re taking it to a whole new level, that’s quarter assing it!”

  5. I think at times the only common thread we have as parents of children on the autism spectrum is, quite frankly, crap. This is one parent that will continue to read your blog even if you upgrade the cursing a bit. I’m just that kind of gal…

  6. Nothing in our lives is perfect when you have a special needs child. We think, plan, organize and skillfully put together everything, only to have it thrown out the window in a moments notice, when a shriek, or scream starts. That is the beauty of our lives now, we are the best at going on the fly and being flexible. We have to be and dammit I wouldn’t have any other way. Why cause there is beauty in imperfection. It’s called LOVE!

  7. There is some fabulous research that shows that cursing is MORE effective than aspirin or other pain relievers when you’ve stubbed your toe. “Nicer” words, such as “crud” and “darn” don’t have the same relieving qualities- literally and physiologically. Apparently, expletives can turn down the “fight or flight” chemicals. So, hell yes, use what you need to in order to make it work!

  8. Wow…..#1 should NEVER come to my blog if she thinks “crap” or “hell” are bad….ever….Loved the post on Hopeful Parents Jess….Thank you for always being real 🙂

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