to-do list

Graves at Arlington National Cemetery


To-Do List for Memorial Day Weekend

Take white pants out of storage – Hooray!

Wash towels and bathing suits – sort through to see what still fits the kids

Trim the hedges by the fence

Move the paving stones, call landscaper to see if he wants them



Hot Dogs




(Check to see if we’re low on relish!)

Farmer’s Market:

Sweet Corn

Green Beans

Honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Find a way to reach out to the families of the fallen.

Think of those who are in harm’s way each and every day.

Teach our children what true sacrifice means.

Show them what honor, gratitude and respect are all about.




In case you can’t read the text it says,

“The only person standing is the man in the wheelchair.”


What’s on YOUR list for the weekend?

15 thoughts on “to-do list

  1. Mad respect for all the armed forces!!!!!! Both my father, WWII, and my sister, Gulf War, are veterans. Always when I see someone in uniform I politely ask their name and thank them, tell them to please be safe, and say a prayer for them after I walk away. It is the least I can do.

  2. Well said, as always, Jess. And that picture of the man standing in his wheelchair? Gets me every time.

    Thank you to all of the men and women who are serving or have served in our country’s military. Without your sacrifices, our freedom would not be possible.

  3. Definitely gives perspective to the “long weekend”, not to mention freedom…

    Timmy’s Dad is an Iraqi Freedom veteran. He/We thank YOU for your amended to-do list.

    Freedom isn’t free =(

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