Posted in May 2010

oak trees and acorns

*** *** I watch Katie’s reflection in the rear view mirror as we sit at a red light. The corner of her mouth curls ever so slightly into the beginnings of a mischievous smile. It is my favorite of all her expressions. It’s the one that comes right before she makes herself laugh. Her eyes … Continue reading

the best seat in the house

* I love that scene in Goodfellas – the one when Henry and Karen have just started dating and he takes her to the Copacabana to see Henny Youngman. She follows his lead as they cut right through the line of mere mortals and head to an unmarked side door. They snake through the connecting … Continue reading

silent battles

* I have a friend whom I adore. She is funny and smart and caring and generous. Did I mention funny? And she struggles. Her struggles are different from mine. They are different from my daughter’s. Yet they are eerily familiar to me – in the literal sense of the word. They are the same … Continue reading

sometimes …

** Brooke had a hard morning. The kind of hard morning that left me tempted to write a four word post reading SOMETIMES AUTISM JUST SUCKS and leave it at that. That kind of hard. The kind if hard where there are simply no reserves. Where nerves are frayed even before their limits are tested. … Continue reading