family of god

It is nearly bedtime on the last day of the school year. We are exhausted, but happy.

Katie has claimed the comfy chair in the corner of the den. Brooke and I share the love seat. She is nuzzled into the crook of my arm, curled into a ball against my body. The television is on, tuned to Nick Jr.

Moose A Moose is leading his presumed audience of preschoolers in a game of memory.

Brooke runs through one script after another as we watch – finding comfort and predictability in them at a desperately unstructured time of year.

I play my part when cued. ‘Mama, can you say … ?’

She finally grows quiet. It’s been a long day for everyone – school followed by three hours at the pool has us all pretty well cooked.

We watch the TV together in a comfortable silence.

Out of nowhere, Brooke says, “It’s a family of God.”

If it’s a script, it’s not one I recognize. I run through the catalogue of lines from Godspell in my head. I hear them all day long; it must be in there – but I come up dry.

I look around the room for a clue. Moose A Moose is asking for help remembering where the other airplane card is. He’s no help.

Katie and I look at each other and shrug.

“What is, baby?” I ask Brooke.

“The whole world,” she says.

I remind myself to breathe.

21 thoughts on “family of god

  1. You know I love this. God has sought out both of your girls in ways that are affirming for all of us. It is so beautiful.

  2. Many years ago my Pastor said that the Grace of God has been shown to me through Aidan, and well at the time I was not feeling it. Now, years later, with many of the behaviors that drove me crazy gone, I am able to appreciate my Pastor’s words and not because Aidan is doing well, but because through him my life is RICHER and filled with folks like you and many many others! Out of the mouths of babes….xo

  3. It is things like this that convince me that our children have a special realationship with God. We are not a super religous family, but Diego speaks of God at times and each time it blows my mind.

  4. I had a friend once who brought their new baby home when their first baby was 2 1/2. The toddler insisted on tucking the baby in ALONE, which made the parents a wee bit nervous. They peeked in on him to see him leaning over his new baby sister, asking with great seriousness, “You have to remind me what God is like, ‘cuz I’ve forgotten, and you were just there.”

    Sounds like Brooke is a bit closer to remembering than most of us… πŸ™‚

    • you know, i’m not sure you have to be .. i think the biggest message of all is simply that we are all connected, you know? we are all part of something bigger than ourselves as individuals or even the sum of ourselves in aggregate. we are a global family. at least that’s my take on it πŸ˜‰

  5. In the book Autism’s Hidden Blessings, Kelly Langston talks about our precious “special” children having a closer connection with God. He made them and loves them dearly. hugs to all

  6. I just love that so much! I often feel like the reason I don’t understand what my little one is talking about is because only half of it comes out out-loud in speech. The rest is a silent conversation in her head that I remind her to “share with Mommy ‘cuz I’m no mind reader” (usually gets a chuckle). Great start to a wonderful summer.

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