Posted in June 2010

another shot at everest

Brooke’s house The back story – Click here We walk into the school building. The gym is oppressively hot. Brooke is hungry. Two significant strikes that make for a rocky start. As we walk, I ask Katie about the art work that she has chosen to display in the show. I pretend that I am … Continue reading

12 minutes to the future

** If I asked nicely, would you indulge me for a while? Would you come with me on a long and winding (and periodically nonsensical) journey? Are you rolling your eyes and wondering if I don’t know that that’s what you do EVERY time you come here? Well, fine, be that way. But let’s just … Continue reading

by example

** luau, brooke and i accompanied katie’s class down to the creek behind the school yesterday. the after-school pilgrimage down to the water’s edge is an annual tradition for the third-graders in order to free the class tadpoles into the wild. as brooke and i walked back up toward the school, i began to notice … Continue reading

how was your weekend?

** ‘how was your weekend?’ my friend asked. ‘a roller coaster ride really,’ was the only answer i had. ** a long weekend three days a roller coaster ride of good, bad, ugly and extraordinary of Autism with a capital A and Breakthroughs with capital Bs of sensory seeking and hearts sinking and focus spinning … Continue reading