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** I am over at Autism Mommy-Therapist today, talking about the upside to autism. No, really. An upside. I swear. Come check it out, won’t you? (And don’t be shy – leave a comment on her site! I’m sure she would love to hear from you.) See you there! CLICK HERE

read all about it

*** I thought the post was writing itself. I saw the headline as if it were the lead story on an old time newspaper. The paperboys would cry out on every corner, “BEST PLAY DATE EVER! READ ALL ABOUT IT! THAT’S RIGHT – BEST PLAY DATE EVER! FRONT PAGE STORY!” I mean honestly, I was … Continue reading

for a friend

Tuesday, July 27 8:02 am To: Jess From: Dear Friend re: [something no longer relevant] Jess – We positively NEED a new post.  I cannot stomach looking at the “unthinkable” one more day.  Please post something . . . anything. *** Tuesday, July 27 8:09 am To: Dear Friend From: Jess re:re: [something no longer … Continue reading

the unthinkable

* Woman in 911 call says she strangled her autistic children (Please be warned – the link above is to CNN – it includes a video that plays the recording of the 911 call in which Saiqa Akhter describes how she killed her two year-old daughter and five year-old son. Please do NOT play it … Continue reading


*** It’s been nearly a week since the party. And yet still, I haven’t managed to write about it. There’s the easy part to write, of course. The good stuff. Even the huge, really momentous stuff. There’s the fact that my girl sat through an entire movie. In a theater. For the first time EVER. … Continue reading

playing favorites

Brooke as Boots, March 2008 It started with pink. Although it may seem innocent enough, when Brooke came home from camp one day a couple of weeks ago and declared that her favorite color was now pink, we were nothing less than stunned. You see, ever since this child had the ability to make the … Continue reading

the jesus updates part two

* Luau sat with Brooke at bedtime. He tucked her in and got ready to read No, David for the seven thousandth time. She snuggled with her Jesus doll and made a declaration. “Jesus is my husband.” “Really, Brooke?” Luau stuttered. “That’s um, great.” (Ed note .. She’s been working on figuring out husbands and … Continue reading

evolution of a secret

* My daughter told me a secret this morning. She whispered it. In my ear. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense. (to me.) But that wasn’t the point. She cupped her hands, put them around my ear, placed her mouth between them and whispered. *** About a year ago, Brooke told me that … Continue reading