evolution of a secret


My daughter told me a secret this morning.

She whispered it.

In my ear.

It didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

(to me.)

But that wasn’t the point.

She cupped her hands, put them around my ear, placed her mouth between them and whispered.


About a year ago, Brooke told me that she was going to tell me a secret. I bent down and leaned in close. She put her cheek next to mine. I waited.

I eventually asked if she had something to tell me. She said, ‘Yes, a secret.’ So I waited some more.

And then she walked away.


About six months ago, Brooke told me that she was going to tell me a secret. I bent down and leaned in close. I cupped my hands around my ear and told her to say the secret into my hands.

She put her ear on them too. And we both waited.

Just like that. Ear to ear.


Last week, Brooke told Katie that she was going to tell her a secret. She leaned in close, put her ear on top of Katie’s ear and said to the space in front of both of them, ‘I love you.’



This morning, Brooke said, ‘I’m going to tell you a secret’.

I bent down and leaned in close. She cupped her hands over my ear. I said, ‘Now put your mouth on your hands and say the secret INTO my hear so that I’ll hear it.’

She whispered.

(right into my ear!)

‘Dad would tell me if I like shosojas.’

No idea what that means.

Don’t know what shosojas are.

Don’t care.

It was





p.s. Don’t tell.

Ed note .. Those of you on Diary’s Facebook page might recognize the picture above from this past Monday night. Even though Katie’s not actually telling Brooke a secret in the picture, I thought it was too perfect not to use for this post. For those who missed the Facebook post, here’s what’s actually happening in the photo …

After our trip to the fabric store, we decided to attempt a spontaneous dinner out. (I guess all the talk of superheroes had me feeling momentarily bulletproof). It was a familiar place for Brooke, but that wasn’t enough to counterbalance the fact that we didn’t have her iPod with us. Dinner was quickly descending into a nightmare, and without Luau along, I wasn’t sure just how to escape. Until Katie asked to switch places with me.

Without a word to me, she told Brooke she was going to BE her iPod. In the photo, Katie is singing Godspell songs into her sister’s ear.

As I posted on Facebook that night, ‘Looks like there’s more than one superhero around here.’

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20 thoughts on “evolution of a secret

  1. this one is a killer, not in a leaky eyed I need several kleenexs(although it did brings extra wetness to the left eye), but it that made me say WOW aloud and brought warmth to my heart and a smile to my face! damn you done did good WITH both of those kids….

  2. So many wonderful things at play here- that she can say these things to you, that she has the desire even to say these things to you. She’s made such progress in the time I’ve been reading your blog. Lovely story!

  3. You always have the ability to zero in on the most wonderful and poignant parts of parenting. You are like a talented artist that finds the tiny gem in the whole scene.
    It also doesn’t hurt to have such beautiful subjects either.

  4. I love this! But not sure if I like the secret story or the ipod story more. Sometimes our NT children amaze me…… thanks

  5. Pssst…. I have a secret too… both of your girls are incredibly awesome because of who is raising them. Apples don’t make pears, girlfriend!

    Now shhhh- don’t tell.

    Aw heck- everyone already KNOWS that. Sorry-guess I need to work on a better secret. ;oD

  6. I hope this is funny to someone else, or I’m going to look really stupid.

    I was 6 when I figured out that everyone was telling secrets. But I didn’t get it. So I assumed the position and whispered “poop” into the other person’s ear. And nothing else. I thought it was hilarious.

    Oh, kids.

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