4 thoughts on “her ways (at hopeful parents)

  1. I heard the first of what I hope will be many more moments like this just last night. While visiting a museum’s family fun night, a cluster of children gathered around a water feature to watch some tiny frogs jumping and splashing in the pool. My 9 year old son with autism was drawn to the action, as was my 7 yr old daughter. One bigger boy in the group became loud and agitiated about the children being ‘dumb’ and hurting the frogs (they were not). My son continued to erupt in giggles, watching the frogs and oblivious to the boy’s rant. I sucked in my breath as the boy turned confrontationally to my son and shouted “What are YOU laughing at?” My daughter stepped in between them and calmly said,”He’s my brother. He has autism. He will not answer you. Do you have anything else to say?” I sent a silent thank you to the angels – it was a moment I will never forget! So I appreciate your post about the love and power of siblings. It particularly resonated with me this morning!

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