bad hair day (alternatively titled the jesus updates, part one)


At the crux of the Christian faith is the belief that Jesus was both fully God and fully man. As such, He was subject to the full spectrum of the human experience – from the heights of our joy to the depths of our suffering.

And apparently the most mundane of human trials.



‘Bad Hair Day’ by Brooke, July 2010

The Godspell crew –

(also known as ‘The Godspell workers’ or ‘Jesus and his friends’)

Depicted from left to right …

Jesus (with his hair sticking straight up), John the Baptist, Mary Carson, Mary and Jessie-Lynn


Where does she come up with such material?

Well, she’s been sleeping with Jesus every night. (More on that in tomorrow’s post).

And, well, when I saw what was happening to his hair, I might just have exclaimed, “Holy cow, now THAT’S a bad hair day.”




Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Ed note .. If you’re unfamiliar with Brooke’s fixation on Godspell or the story of the Jesus Doll ..

There’s plenty of background around here. Just enter ‘Godspell’ or ‘Jesus’ into the search field over in the sidebar.

But if you’re easily offended, skip this one, k? Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

21 thoughts on “bad hair day (alternatively titled the jesus updates, part one)

  1. This is hysterical and I have the honor of being in the inner circle of knowing about the Godspell fixation.

    Love you,

  2. Thanks for the morning giggle, going back and reading the forewarned old post has me in fits of laughter. I think Jesus needs a new wig but I know that could never happen in my neck of the woods either.

  3. I’m SURE that Jesus is laughing! Almost done reading Autism’s Hidden Blessings and it talks about our dear children having a special relationship with God.

  4. Which explains why, on my mornings, I look in the mirror and say “Oh God…” Brooke reassures me that he DOES understand!

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  6. we still have brooke’s drawing of the Godspell crew (from last Christmas) and Jesus’ hair was having a much better day then.

    brooke is genius!

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