the jesus updates part two


Luau sat with Brooke at bedtime. He tucked her in and got ready to read No, David for the seven thousandth time.

She snuggled with her Jesus doll and made a declaration.

“Jesus is my husband.”

“Really, Brooke?” Luau stuttered. “That’s um, great.”

(Ed note .. She’s been working on figuring out husbands and wives recently. I’m pretty sure there’s not a lot of deeper meaning in this, so let’s not start calling her Sister Brooke just yet, OK?)

She sat quietly with her – uh – husband for a moment, then said, “Hey, Dad! Jesus and I have big news!!!”

Luau braced himself.

“What’s that, little one?”

She and Jesus made their announcement.

“Noggin is now Nick Jr!”

“Yes it is, Brooke,” Luau said as he breathed a sigh of relief and gratefully launched into the seven thousandth reading of No, David.


The happy couple


25 thoughts on “the jesus updates part two

    • you and me both. cracked me up when he told me the story. we’re both very proud of our new son-in-law. of course, he’s no doctor, but you give the guy a loaf of bread, you wouldn’t believe what he can do. (snort)

  1. I’m not often at a loss for words. I can’t seem to get them out but I’m definitely laughing inside.

    Love you,

    • for those of you who don’t know karla, i’d like to introduce you.

      she is not only one of my favorite people, she also happens to be a pastor.

      (that means it’s ok to laugh at the jesus posts cause all the cool pastors are doin it.)


    • karla is the best of the best. she has a blog of her own called amazing bongos. on the very top of the home page is the following explanation for the name.

      β€œthe drum”

      daddy says the world is
      a drum tight and hard
      and i told him
      i’m gonna beat
      out my own rhythm

      -nikki giovanni

      oretty much says it all. but if not, here’s a post i wrote a while ago about a conversation she started. if you don’t love her after that, i got nuthin here for you. πŸ˜‰

      (there’s a link to her in the post)

  2. I’m new to your blogs and I absolutely love your sense of humor. But can I just say, your daughter is ridiculously gorgeous! She is so beautiful!!!

  3. I suppose there are worse boys out there should could want to marry? I am thinking in her teen years you may be wishing she was still feeling the love Jesus LOL She is soooo funny!

  4. Awww Jess!! I know I am irreverent, but I’m thinking your son in law is too! That was the point— be ye real!!

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