I am over at Autism Mommy-Therapist today, talking about the upside to autism.

No, really.

An upside.

I swear.

Come check it out, won’t you?

(And don’t be shy – leave a comment on her site! I’m sure she would love to hear from you.)

See you there!


8 thoughts on “upside

  1. Holy wow. Once again your post comes at a time that I desperately need it. You see, today is the life sucking day that I dread with every fiber of my being. Today is the developmental pediatrician appointment ( yet ANOTHER one). Today, instead of focusing on all of the magic and beauty that my son IS, I need to wallow and discuss all of the negatives. It goes against every thing that I am. EVERY SINGLE THING. Yes, I know he has issues. Yes, I understand he has PDD-NOS, ADHD, dyslexia, and NOW- joy of joys- quite possibly neurofibromatosis. Today the “expert” will tell me all that is ” wrong” with him. And probably hand me another prescription which in the past I would rip up and dump in the nearest bin.
    Today, however is different. Today I must actually consider the damned prescription. Today I have to look my failure square in the face and acknowledge that all I have done, all of the battles I’ve won, ALL of it, was just not good enough. I’m a sore loser. I’m in uncharted waters and find myself unable to swim at this moment.

    This post, your words, your courage. your HEART are my life preserver today. I am printing your post today. I am carrying it with me. I may even laminate it and read it daily. I am certain that your words will help me endure a situation that surely takes a couple of years off my life from the stress alone.

    It’s amazing that i can consider someone I’ve never met to be such a valuable part of my life. Thank you SO much Jess for this post today. It has truly helped heal my very broken heart.

    • i’m so glad the post came at a good time for you. BUT – wait wait and wait.

      this ..

      Today I have to look my failure square in the face and acknowledge that all I have done, all of the battles I’ve won, ALL of it, was just not good enough.

      is bullsh-t. sorry, lady. i ain’t having it.

      we all FEEL that way sometimes, but it sure as hell doesn’t make it so. you didn’t fail. it doesn’t work that way. some things work for some kids, some don’t. and the only way to know? by TRYING them. the failure would only be if you didn’t TRY.

      Go easy on yourself, please.


  2. just in case you dontsee my comment over there as om a a day or two late, im posting it here too..

    Jess, it is so interesting that you post this today, because I was doing the EXACT SAME THING today!! We had the window down all the way to my dad’s house because for the first time all summer it was actually cool enough not to use the AC and in fact beautiful out. I discovered that if I put my hand out the window and just felt the wind resistance to it, buffering it, holding it up so I didnt even need to hold it in place, it felt wonderful- and in fact was quite entertaining! I reflected on how despite all the many miserable things about autism, I can still sit there and enjoy putting my hand out the window, and how many people would do that? And then I get home and see you’ve written about thisvery same topic 🙂 What a coincedence! (btw I wonder, does Brooke like the hammock if you have one, because I have been LOVING swinging back and foryth at the one at my dads house)

    • kate, that’s too funny! (and awesome!)

      we do have a hammock and brooke does like it, but it’s not the traditional kind that swings. that she would adore!

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