Posted in July 2010

super brooke

* I read the camp newsletter as Brooke colored at the table. Tuesday: Superhero Day! Please send your child to camp dressed as his or her favorite superhero (or they may make up their own!) “Ooh, this sounds like fun, baby!” I said. “Tomorrow is Superhero Day! That’s so cool!” Brooke drew a tail onto … Continue reading

camp mama

* Having dropped Brooke off at camp, Luau and I ran home. We did not pass Go. We did not collect $200. Hell, we didn’t even stop for coffee. As I’d said, I had somewhere that I had to be. I was running a camp of my own – Camp Mama. Camp Mama had exactly … Continue reading

camp, day one

** Last Tuesday morning, Luau and I dropped Brooke off for her first day of camp. A hundred yards from the entrance, we heard the first one. “BROOKE!!!” It was the camp director, sitting at a table out front. We sorted out the inevitable missing document troubles and headed around the corner toward the entrance. … Continue reading


** It is Thanksgiving. We are at my cousins’ house in New Jersey, where the entire family has gathered together. At my mother’s urging, I sit down next to my grandfather on the couch. He does not turn to look at me as I sit. His suit smells familiarly musty. There is a thin dusting … Continue reading

beer and memories

* The back story – Last year’s ride home .. Part One Part Two * Our last day in Maine was glorious. Despite an undeniably rough start, it had evolved into a nearly perfect send-off to the visit. As we drove home, bronzed, salty and stuffed to the gills with lobster and new memories I … Continue reading

just like brooke

*** *** Katie and L If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you may remember me writing about my dear friends, Jeneil and Brandon and their two beautiful girls, Hope and Rhema. Brandon is a soldier in the US Army, currently deployed in Iraq. Jeneil is, quite simply, a beacon of grace, love, … Continue reading