Posted in August 2010

the rabbit hole

** We are on the ferry on our way to Nantucket. The sun is shining. Kids are everywhere. They move around the boat’s deck in clumps – chasing each other down or playing games of Hide and Seek. Brooke has taken notice of the three girls who have congregated right behind us. They are giggling, … Continue reading

touching a nerve

** Dear Readers, Where to begin? Yesterday’s post obviously hit a lot of nerves. I sincerely apologize to those who felt belittled or dismissed by my words. You have a point. A significant one in fact. And as I said last night, I am grateful to those who took the time to respectfully educate me. … Continue reading

stories for another day

* I have a LOT to tell you. My Draft box is littered with half-finished posts and tentatively titled reminders. Some are stories to share and some are rants to rave. I want to tell you about words – specifically the ones that I’ve found stuck smack in my craw this week (hint – they rhyme … Continue reading

holding hands

* Me and my girl at the beach Aug 13, 2010 * Hands Touching hands Reaching out Touching me Touching you ~ Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline *** We step out of the car and into the parking lot. I instinctively extend my hand to Brooke as we walk around the back of the car. She … Continue reading

look out for the crims

* I lean against the pool wall, taking in the scenery while I watch Brooke’s long, lean body move dolphin-like through the water. Since discovering the complete lack of sound under water, she doesn’t come up to the surface much these days. It’s 90 degrees, which in Mid-August New England has the added benefit of … Continue reading

a day in pictures

* On Saturday, we decided to stray from the norm. Not always a good idea around these parts, but sometimes you’ve just got to give it a shot. With some help from good old Dr Google, we discovered a nature preserve that, while just miles from our home, turned out to be an entire world … Continue reading

forty (or, bermuda can kiss my —)

* On Friday, I will be forty. The fact that it will be Friday the thirteenth is not lost on me. * I’ve been hearing that the forties are the best decade ever. That women feel empowered in their forties. That they are old enough to have found out what really matters and young enough … Continue reading