Posted in August 2010

guess who

* Bedtime, last night ~ As per our usual routine, Katie and I sat on the floor in her room, finishing up a heated round of cards. Luau was reading to Brooke in her room next door. Minutes later, he and I would switch rooms, but for now we were each happily entrenched where we … Continue reading

no more than a hiccup

** i sit on the floor of brooke’s room her head is cradled in my lap – her long, lean body sandwiched between my outstretched legs i look at her upside down, searching her face helplessly i desperately hope i’m not hurting her but she keeps pressing my hands harder, harder, then harder still into the sides … Continue reading

listen, i never said i was oprah

* But that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to try. So, picture me sitting here with PERFECT make-up and GAW-JUS hair on my PERFECT couch with my legs folded ever so flatteringly so that one Christian Louboutin shoe is folded delicately over the other. OK, got the image? Good, let’s go with that. Lights! … Continue reading

one wish

** After swimming for a while, we decided to stay and eat dinner at the pool. The sun was beginning to set and the tables were nearly empty. We dared to hope that it might be quiet enough to eat without too much stress on Brooke. Hey, a girl can dream. Katie looked up as … Continue reading

why we talk – part two

* * have soapbox – will travel *** Two years ago, I had the honor of speaking at the kick-off to the Greater Boston Walk Now for Autism Speaks. I will never forget that night. There was an energy in the room that, even two years later, I still can’t begin to describe. It spilled … Continue reading