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her place

Katie, Aug 2010 ** Katie stopped and sat down on the stairs on the way down to breakfast – never a good thing on a school day morning. There’s just enough time for eating, toileting, dressing, tooth brushing, medicine taking, vitamin picking (can’t have two gummies the same color or apparently the world comes to … Continue reading

it’s for me

** It had been a long, full, long day. Yeah, I know I said long twice. We had walked (or in Mama’s case, more accurately hobbled) around the track at the Autism Walk. We – or at least the smaller half of the we – had jumped in the bouncy house until Mama finally had … Continue reading

autism walk 2010

Autism Speaks Greater Boston Walk 2010 * Yup, someone actually took an order to print that sign. * Jeneil, Rhema, Hope and Katie Soooo worth wading through the crowd to find them! * Brooke, Luau, Jack and Judith Ursitti In a moment of magic, 20,000 of us sang Happy Birthday to Jack yesterday * Brooke … Continue reading


* I don’t know which of us is more nervous. OK, that’s crap. Yes I do. My baby girl. By far. The fire drill is this morning. We’ve done it all right this time. We waited until the day before – just enough time, not too much time – the constant balancing and gauging and then … Continue reading

semper fi

* My post a few days ago about the challenges faced by our military families set off an amazing chain of events. I wish I had time to write about them now, but I don’t. What I can do in the meantime however, is tell you that today I have the incredible honor of guest … Continue reading


* O.K., I admit it. I was a little star struck when I got the e-mail yesterday. When I saw her name in my inbox, I got a touch of the OH MY GOD I’M NINE AND TAYLOR SWIFT JUST CALLED TO INVITE ME OUT FOR ICE CREAM! You know, just a little. But here’s … Continue reading

ACT today

Photo from Rome News Tribune ** I’ve been holding onto the following post for far too long. I’ve stared at it on the screen, been ready to hit publish, then stopped short time and again. I’m just not convinced that it makes the point strongly enough. I don’t think that the words adequately convey the intensity, … Continue reading

a little recycling

. . I’m at Hopeful Parents today, doing a little recycling. Please click on over! -> CLICK HERE <- What are you still doing here? GO!