25 thoughts on “unexpected, part 2 (an unexpected update)

  1. she really sounds wonderful. WE LOVE MISS S.

    michelle garcia winner is also great. you’re great. luau: great.

    it’s a blog with just all sorts of lovely people.

  2. Who does that? A professional who a) really cares about one little girl and wants her parents to understand as well, and b) who really cares about others knowing about how to help and knowing how valuable your blog and your contacts are. THAT is a special educator!

    Kudos to her- and SQUEEEEAL that you get to go!

  3. you know what I am going to say….Ms S. rocks, you rock, the kids rock, the whole damn lot of you rocks! Have a blast…as I said in my fb post just a few minutes ago..if you keep yourself open, things will come! Enjoy for all of us!

  4. Jess, can you tell me which books to get? This all sounds so helpful and I have never heard of it? If you could point me in the right direction -thx so much-

    • sue – i’ve asked michelle to weigh in and offer some advice. as i said on a comment on the original post, i have been extraordinarily lucky in that the social thinking curriculum has largely been spoon-fed to us by the school, so i haven’t delved into the books. (and the kid-centered books have so far been a bit too advanced for brooke.) hopefully we will hear from her office soon with some guidance. just didn’t want you to think i was ignoring you!!

  5. Jess – could you also enlighten me about this? We’re in the P.L.A.Y. project and are seeing great results, but our little guy is 1) 3 and 2) still nonverbal (lots of attempts, though!), so I don’t know if (based on the site for Social Thinking) he’s a good candidate right now.

    Huzzah for Miss S!

  6. We were introduced to Michelle’s work many years ago in a social thinking group in the East Bay. It all made SO much sense to me, but have never heard her speak. We definitely still use and pass on a lot of the lingo. My current favorite books are the Superflex series. Oscar (9, PWS) loves and responds to it…we’re always helping him identify and take on Glassman and Rockbrain especially.

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