autism walk 2010

Autism Speaks Greater Boston Walk



Yup, someone actually took an order to print that sign.


Jeneil, Rhema, Hope and Katie

Soooo worth wading through the crowd to find them!


Brooke, Luau, Jack and Judith Ursitti

In a moment of magic, 20,000 of us sang Happy Birthday to Jack yesterday


Brooke flying high with the fabulous Yo, B!, her aide from this past summer who came to walk with us


The Walk is so much like the autism journey itself.

Heartbreaking. Exhilarating. Invigorating. Overwhelming. Hopeful. Grateful.






Four years in I see familiar faces now – wearing such familiar expressions.

We gather together under the banner of Autism Speaks, a group that, like each of us, is imperfect, but that, also like each of us, desperately tries to be the best that it possibly can be in order to do all that it possibly can do for our children.




With an open heart, an open mind, and most of all – a burning desire to make life better for those who struggle with the challenges of autism.



We walk for answers. We walk to raise awareness. We walk to foster understanding, compassion and respect. We walk to make a better life for those who we so dearly love.



A hearty thank you to those who supported Team Umizoomi this year. To both old friends and new, we are so grateful that you have chosen to join us on this journey. Yo!B, Miss N, Mr and Mrs W, Julie, Grammy, THANK YOU. And a very special mention to our own Grandpa DD, who tirelessly photographed the event for Autism Speaks yesterday. (Folks in CT and surrounding states, if you need a photographer, click the link and tell him I sent you!)

15 thoughts on “autism walk 2010

  1. As a team leader in North Jersey, I couldn’t have said it better! It’s like being at a family reunion with the “extended family” you don’t know yet showing up for the first time! So happy it went well for you.

  2. ‘We gather together under the banner of Autism Speaks, a group that ā€“ like each of us ā€“ is imperfect, but that ā€“ also like each of us, desperately tries to be the best that it possibly can be in order to do all that it possibly can do FOR OUR CHILDREN.’

    so true. and so important for us to come together.

    loved seeing you, my friend!!!

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  5. Jess, as always your words take my breath away…

    Folks I walk with I am not sure they understand when I get extremely quiet and the tears come every year…

    Tears from fearing future

    Tears for our little everyday “home runs” for Cooper (they’d probably go unnoticed by anyone else)

    Tears from looking around Suffolk Downs and knowing what I live with all these folks possibly do too and am reminded how lucky we are he chose US for his parents!

    Tears from knowing we are not alone and there is 1 voice on that day – Walk Day – I LOVE THAT.

    So glad to see you in the masses this year! You’re my Rock Star Jess!


  6. this was my first walk my beautiful son (4) was diagnosed last year. my sister and her kids walked with us and I told my 13 year old nephew “look around…this is not the picture that many have of takes many paths in life, remember that it is not predictable. The majority of these kids are just like you until they are in a situation that is socially uncomfortable for them.” He looked and he got it I hope the next generations gets it more than “ours” have. It was a rewarding day.

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