Posted in September 2010

public service announcement

** The following is a public service announcement, directed at all my friends out there with echolalic children .. When you have a HUGE orthopedic boot on your foot because you happened to TEAR straight through your calf muscle (I know, ew, right?) trying to get your big fat butt in gear and exercise again … Continue reading

a girl and her dog

* The following post is dedicated to Russ and Sue. You’ll know when it’s time. ** Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl whose mother loved her more than anything – even salty french fries on the beach, and if you knew this mom, you’d know that, well, that’s A LOT. Life … Continue reading

i understand

* I swear I’ll stop harping on last Tuesday soon. Really, I promise. In real life I’ve done a bang up job of moving on. It’s not like we’re living on a tape loop of a single day. But here on diary? Well, I’ve got just one more story to share. And it’s important. So … Continue reading

a prayer for peace

** If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. ~Mother Teresa ** September 11, 2010 Let us remember those who fell nine years ago today. Let us honor their memory by looking within ourselves for the seeds of true and lasting change. Let us no longer … Continue reading


** I had a diving coach in college who once told me that you could never cry for longer than you could shower. Why? Because you could simply stay in there until you got it together. He lied. ** I’m in the shower with my girl. She is crying. Our evening has been a mess. … Continue reading

where we are

* Half-finished posts litter my Draft Folder. I’d love to finish them – or even any one of them – but my estranged friends, Time and Focus haven’t met up in a while around these parts. We’re too busy swimming upstream in this here river of complete and utter dysregulation. And well, we’ve been a … Continue reading

comic relief, literally

Brooke on Nantucket 2009 * The scene – Jetties Beach, Nantucket. Brooke is tired. Tired of the too hot sand, tired of the too bright sun, tired of being away from home. Mama scans the beach for something that might pique her interest. I find a rock jutting out of the sand. It’s large enough … Continue reading

dear shopkeeper

** Dear Very Sweet and Well-meaning Nantucket Shopkeeper, Thank you for offering my younger daughter, Brooke a lollipop when you saw that she was having a tough time in your store. That really was incredibly sweet of you. And yes, just as you said when you handed it to her, it bought her Mama a … Continue reading