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. On November first, 2010 Please join me In shutting down Social Communication For one day . No Twitter No Facebook No LOLs and OMGs . Just the quiet That surrounds so many of our kids . A symbolic gesture Of solidarity And support For those who struggle Every day To communicate . Raising funds … Continue reading

lunch date

** * I sit across from my lunch date, wishing that he would lower his voice. He is asking questions that are making me profoundly uncomfortable. I’m not sure that he notices my discomfort, but if he does, it’s clear that he doesn’t understand it. His questions, he tells me, are perfectly logical. And he’s … Continue reading

those moments

* It’s one of those moments. You know THOSE moments, don’t you? The ones where there’s so MUCH – so much to do, so much to decide, so much to process – that I am all but paralyzed by the cursor flashing on the blank screen. It’s one of those moments when everything – every … Continue reading

mom, meet everyone

* THE JEWEL BOX STUDIO photo by David Land * If you’ve ever had occasion to read the comments here on Diary, you’re likely familiar with my mom. She’s the wonderfully supportive Grammy who signs her comments, “Love, Mom.” You can’t miss her. She’s also the one who took me to Bloomingdale’s at four days … Continue reading

my baseball

* * I’m sitting cross-legged on the kitchen counter as Luau makes dinner. Brooke and I have just gotten home from an attempt to do some shopping. He’s looking at me, bewildered, trying to figure out why I look so dejected. “Did she have a hard time?” he asks. “Yeah,” I answer. “Though no harder … Continue reading

it’s ok, part 2

Editor’s note: WordPress has gone funky on me this week and the color doesn’t seem to want to stick to the hot links. So, when you see a word in bold print followed by (<– LINK!), click on it to link through. Or don’t. But now you know you have the choice ;). ** “She’ll … Continue reading

it’s ok

** Forgiveness is the giving, and so the receiving, of life. ~ George MacDonald *** Sometime in early 2006 (The following is an excerpt from a post called Getting There is Love. Its story takes place before we knew anything about Brooke’s challenges. To read the post in its entirety, click -> HERE.) Brooke must have been three … Continue reading

siblings, part 946

I thought I was done harping on the sibling stuff. I really did. But well, we all know about the best laid plans of mice, men and autism moms. *Sigh.* ** We’d had a wonderful night. Friends had visited with their two girls. We’d had dinner like grown-ups. We’d shared a bottle of wine, bored … Continue reading

my holland (reprinted from hopeful parents)

The following was yesterday’s post over at Hopeful Parents. I’m not quite ready yet to bid it adieu, so I’ve reprinted it here. The Welcome to Holland essay seems to engender some strong reactions, to say the least. As I said in a comment on HP yesterday, “While the original essay rings true for me, … Continue reading