One thought on “my holland (at hopeful parents)

  1. As difficult as this life can be sometimes, I think it would be a real waste if we didn’t at least try to learn what we can and find what joy we can on the journey that’s been handed to us. To endure the pain and not receive the blessings isn’t only withholding them from ourselves – it’s withholding peace and acceptance from our children. Our negative feelings need to be acknowledged and accepted, but they aren’t doing our children any good. They already have such challenges in life. It seems like the least we can do for them is to try and appreciate all that we can and help them to do the same, so they can benefit from the peace of an accepting and happy family. We don’t have the power to fix all their difficulties, but we do have the power to give them that.

    For what it’s worth, most people believe in what they see, when often it’s the other way around. We tend to see what we believe in – or at least what we’re looking for. If you don’t really look for the good beneath the outward appearances of a situation, you may not ever get to see it.

    I liked the post and the original essay, which I hadn’t read before. For those who are bothered by it, I hope you find some other path to peace that works for you. We all deserve to have some peace and to e able to share that with our children.


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