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If you’ve ever had occasion to read the comments here on Diary, you’re likely familiar with my mom. She’s the wonderfully supportive Grammy who signs her comments, “Love, Mom.” You can’t miss her. She’s also the one who took me to Bloomingdale’s at four days old, but there’s no need to bring that up again.

But anyway, perhaps we should make it official. For those of you who have not yet met her – Mom, meet everyone. Everyone, meet Mom.

My mom won’t tell you herself, but in addition to making the best chocolate mousse on the planet, she also happens to be a fabulously talented jewelry designer. Now, sadly, you’re unlikely to have the opportunity to sample her chocolate mousse. Luckily, however, you can wear her jewelry.

Now, I don’t do product endorsements or reviews on the blog. I’m adamant about NOT doing them in fact. Unless there’s a really good reason. Like, say … oh … hmm … she’s my mom. And she’s donating a significant portion of total sales (not profits, mind you, but SALES) to charities that will impact our children’s lives right this minute. Oh, and I happen to LOVE her jewelry and am nearly ALWAYS wearing one of her necklaces. Like say, right now.

(I’m wearing one just like this one, but with slightly darker sapphires. It goes with EVERYTHING I own.)

No, that’s not me. It’s actually my gorgeous cousin, Ariel.

(And she looks that good cause, well, she’s beautiful, but also because she’s really young and doesn’t have kids yet.

See? no bags under her eyes.)

Hi, Ariel!

Anyway, all of the pieces are designed and hand crafted by my mom. She uses only the finest quality gems and findings and creates truly beautiful jewelry.

So please check it out. What’s better than being able to treat yourself or shop for holiday gifts, all while helping to make a better life for our kids?

Oh, and did I mention the very best part? YOU get to determine which charity you’d like to support! Here’s how it works. On any purchase made between now and November 15th, The Jewel Box Studio will donate 15% of your purchase to any one of the following charities. All you have to do is write your choice into the instructions or tell my mom when you call. It’s that easy.

Tell her I said hi!

Choose from Autism Speaks, The Doug Flutie Foundation, ACT Today for Military Families, The HollyRod Foundation or the National Autism Association.

Click here to shop -> THE JEWEL BOX STUDIO

Ed note: I’m still having trouble with the color on the hot links. You can click on anything in bold print for more information.

17 thoughts on “mom, meet everyone

  1. what a family of beautiful women/girls! i love your mom’s jewelry… will probably order something. šŸ™‚ btw… love your blog.. am a subscriber b/c my 22 month old son was recently diagnosed with autism and i love reading your stories.

  2. What a wonderful thing your mom is doing! I can’t wait to check out her shop! I know how nice it is to have a supportive mom – we are so lucky!

    I have also heard about her famous mousse… the Renaissance Grammy!

  3. Nice to meet your mom and to see her lovely work. The jewelry she makes is beautiful. Nice that a portion of her sales go to help great causes.
    Hope that you are having a good week and thanks for sharing her website.
    Colleen (whose hubby is at MacDill AFB so thanks for the mention of ACT Today for Military Families…great group, from what I have heard)

  4. Hi Everyone,

    It’s great to meet you all via your comments that, of course, as exceptionally proud mom, mom-in-law and grammy, I read all the time.

    I’m always happy to support any Autism causes. I hope I can help all of your kids in some way.

    Mom (Carrie)

    • Your work is beautiful. My big sister is a 35 year old woman with a professional career and Asperger’s. She finds it comforting to wear bracelets that can double as unobtrusive “fidget toys,” but it’s often hard to find something that looks polished and professional, but is built sturdily enough to provide some sensory stimulation. Would you ever consider designing a line of bracelets that might do double duty — actually, triple duty, since you’re making generous donations to charities — for adults with sensory issues?

      • i’m sure my mom will respond as well, but in the meantime, you might want to ask your sister if she’s familiar with bucky balls. they are made as a grown-up fidget toy, but they happen to look really cool as jewelry. they are little silver HIGHLY magnetic balls that can be stuck together in any way shape or form. as a bracelet or necklace, they look really cool and sophisticated. looking at them, no one would ever know that it was actually the best fidget on the planet.

        though they wouldn’t be appropriate for a young child, (or any kid who wouldn’t know not to put them in their mouths!) katie wears them to school as every form of jewelry – she’s made them into bracelets, a necklace, a ring, even a nose ring once at the dinner table just to freak out her mom! best part is, they can be a necklace one minute and a bracelet the next.

        anyway, perhaps a short-term solution while my mom works on her new line šŸ˜‰

  5. Oh! By the way, if you promise that you won’t call the baby police these many years later, yes, I confess that we were in Bloomingdale’s when Jess was only days old. Would it help to know that it was because Jess was 2 weeks early and we needed more pieces for her layette? No, I guess that won’t help much, after all!!!!

    Mom (Carrie)

  6. hi mom! it was great seeing you at the Walk last month.
    your jewelry is lovely! thank you for supporting so many autism charities.

  7. hi mom.

    quick question:

    adopt me?

    I’m nice. had all my shots. i can provide references.

    qualifications: i rake leaves, do dishes, fetch the paper.

    you, with the jess ensorsement, are clearly wonderful, so my resume is officially sumbitted.

  8. What a great activity- and some beautiful jewelry! I can see the loveliness in the family- continued down through Brooke and Katie. Thanks for sharing- and I will be planning for Xmas myself…

  9. Dear all of you wonderful people,

    Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful comments to me.

    julie, ali and colleen thank you for your validation.
    remashope–it was wonderful seeing you at the walk last month, as well.
    M–consider yourself officially adopted. I’ll hold you to your offers, especially the raking of the leaves and the dishes. Jess always wanted a brother.
    profmother–thanks so much.
    g, I hope we can find a piece or two for you.

    I feel such warmth from all of you.

    Love to all,

  10. A Fan–Absolutely! Oddly enough, I often tell my patients in my therapy practice to wear bracelets that they can stroke or pop or whatever when they become anxious in a setting where they have to calm themselves unobtrusively. Let me know more of what you have in mind. I’d be delighted to design a line of these. What a wonderful idea.

  11. As a Marine wife and mother of a son with autism, thank you for supporting ACT Today for Military Families and other wonderful autism organizations:)

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