On November first, 2010

Please join me

In shutting down Social Communication

For one day


No Twitter

No Facebook

No LOLs and OMGs


Just the quiet

That surrounds so many of our kids


A symbolic gesture

Of solidarity

And support

For those who struggle

Every day

To communicate


Raising funds and awareness across the globe

One person

At a time


Do you hear that?

The silence is deafening.




13 thoughts on “shhh

  1. I have a great deal of difficulty understanding the reasoning behind this effort. Also, where are the funds going? As a parent of a NONVERBAL child with autism, I will in fact be using my voice online and off to continue to advocate for him. For anyone who also disagrees with this online silence and wants to hear the voices of adults with autism speaking out for themselves, you can check out the Coffee Klatch on Facebook or Twitter.

    This is one of those times we’re going to have to agree to disagree. xo

    • niksmom, that’s perfectly reasonable and i have all the respect in the world for your view (and you, of course).

      as i see it, the reasoning is to create a movement – to give individuals a forum in which they can band together in support of those who struggle to communicate and to do so in a way that gets noticed.

      do i think that shutting down facebook for a day is analagous to being non-verbal? hell no. but i do think that it’s a pretty neat symbolic gesture that can be shared by hundreds of millions of people from here to timbuktu and get people talking outside of our usual circles.

      it’s my understanding that the funds are going to the autism charities that have partnered with AEIOU – (an australian non-profit that supports early intervention for kids with autism. they are the ones who started the movement.)

      the partners are listed on their website –

      according to the site, your donation stays in your home country (which you designate when donating). in the us, the partners listed are HollyRod, National Autism Association, Giant Steps and Autism Society of Colorado.

      i’m thrilled you’ll be using your voice online tomorrow. it’s a strong, clear, rational voice that i’d love to have representing me and my girl on ANY day.

      in our own ways, we will both be trying to make a better world for our kiddos tomorrow, as always.

      much love.

  2. For me, it seems like a good analogy. So much information going on all around, and the inability to get in on the conversation. I’ve seen my kids silent on the sidelines so many times. Just apart from the group, doing their own thing.

  3. I have never seen a more impressive display of “agreeing to disagree” in my life. You are all such strong advocates, and both sides are lucky to have you. Any awareness is good awareness right?

  4. I’m in. What a rude awakening to NOT pop on to FB during a moment of boredom ( and there are dozens during any given day). I’m sure for those who participate- as well as the awareness of those who choose not to, the experience will be quite enlightening.

  5. I’m not sure I agree but I liked how you described it on this post. It just seems weird to me to have an event shutting down the form of communication most used by most autistic people to communicate. Counter-intuitive in some ways. All of the autistic people I know are against it. I don’t really think there’s any harm in it, just that it doesn’t make sense and will make the world a lonelier place for people with autism for a day. See this interesting article on the opposition here..

    But to each their own 🙂

    • Kate, I think this is meant to be symbolic of all social communication, but I agree with you on your logic – and this doesn’t ring true to me for a variety of reasons. But I completely respect my fellow sisters in the effort they’re making today. XO

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