Posted in October 2010

spotlight on siblings week continued ..

* Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister? ~ Alice Walker ** With open arms, she asks the question. Hey, Brooke, want a hug? * * She doesn’t move toward her little sister, as her Mama would. Instead, she waits. Calm. Pick and arm, she says. Open. Whichever one … Continue reading

little sister becomes big sister

** A completely gratuitous picture of Katie from last weekend * So where were we? We left off yesterday’s Spotlight on Siblings post with Katie and her ‘big sister sib’ Ali excitedly e-mailing one another. They had begun to forge a connection over their shared experiences. For the record, that connection only deepened yesterday when … Continue reading

big sister as little sister

Fraternities have Hell Week. The Discovery Channel has Shark Week. Me? I have Spotlight on Siblings Week. Today’s post is the second in a series celebrating the incredible sibs who will (and are) changing the world for all of us. * It all started with an innocent e-mail. I’d only known Ali for a couple … Continue reading


** The girls at Walden pond, Oct 2010 (Brooke in Daddy’s shirt) ** “So, Mama, there’s something that’s really worrying me,” Katie said. Her entire grade level had met with the school principal that day to talk about expected behavior and what that means in the context of fourth grade. We were discussing what she … Continue reading


* Brooke’s developmental pediatrician is looking at me earnestly, waiting. I appreciate the fact that she has just acknowledged that the decision ultimately belongs to me and Luau, but on some level I really wish she’d just look at me and say, “Ok, here’s how we’re going to proceed.” But this doesn’t work that way. … Continue reading

i see the moon

* I creep into your room after a long day Trying in vain to silence the squeak of your un-oiled door And the creak of the rogue floorboard beneath your soft pink carpet I fix my gaze down at your bed Trying to find you in the middle of the chaos So unlike your sister, … Continue reading

‘a hairdryer kid in a toaster brain world’

** ** Once again, I found myself referring to her post the other night. It’s become such a part of my vernacular, it’s almost unavoidable. It’s just too good a metaphor. And when something is THAT good, there’s really no point in reinventing it. I mean, who has the time? So there I was, sitting … Continue reading