halloween 2010


The day called for some creativity.

Brooke had first woken up at ten o’clock the night before. Luau walked by her room to find the lights ablaze and the little one searching for her costume. “Um, whatcha doin, kiddo?” he asked.

“It’s dark out,” she announced. “We can go trick or treating now.”

After being coaxed back to bed with the promise that we’d go trick or treating the very next day, she then awoke at 6:50 on Halloween morning. From her bed, she shouted across the house. “IS IT SUNDAY NOW?”

When I yelled back that yes, it was indeed Sunday, she came plowing into our bedroom on a mission. “Where’s my costume?” she asked, peering behind the furniture. “It’s time to go trick or treating now.”

It was going to be a long day.

As I’ve said in Halloween posts of years past, All Hallows Eve is the highest of holidays chez Brooke. It is the one day of the year for which we spend the other three hundred and sixty-four preparing. It is the one day that my girl’s all time favorite activities are socially acceptable.

It is the day she can roam around the world in costume. The day she can ring any doorbell she pleases. The day that she gets to say the same thing over and over (and over) again and it’s not only OK, it’s expected. The day that the interactions are blissfully short and no one that she encounters looks for prolonged conversation. The day that she can drag her feet through EVERY crunchy leaf she encounters and no one tells her to pick up the pace. For heaven’s sake it’s the day that grown-ups give her candy.

In short, it is the day that she can be herself in all her absolutely fabulous Brooke-ness and no one looks askance.

It is therefore the day for which she gets so excited that she loses what little concept of time she may have had and asks her mama every thirty-five seconds if it’s time to go yet.

So it’s also the day that her mama turns into the second coming of Betty Crocker, pulls out all the stops and makes the waiting as palatable as possible for her little girl.

Welcome to our Halloween.


First thing in the morning, we dressed up the dog – allowing him to live out his dream of being a punk rocker.

Oh yes, I did.

And despite Luau’s threats to call PETA on me, I’d do it again.

Look at him – he LOVED it.

Then it was time for a trip to the market to get supplies for Operation Distraction (for which the girls dressed up and well, it was kind of a disaster ’cause first Brooke was an elephant and Katie was a black cat but then Brooke had a complete and utter meltdown cause she wanted to be a black cat just like her sister, but then we fixed it and made her a black cat costume almost exactly like Katie’s but the ears weren’t right and poor Katie started to cry because she was the one who made them and she was trying so darn hard to help her sister who didn’t have the capacity to show her that she appreciated it, if she did, ’cause once she gets to that point it’s kinda hard to get inside her head and have the foggiest idea what she may or may not be thinking. And then we finally got out of the house and got to the market, and there was a screaming baby there and well, yeah, we all know how that goes, so instead of just a screaming baby there was now a screaming baby and a screaming black cat (with a pretty unhappy big sister cat who’s getting pretty sensitive about being stared at by glaring fellow shoppers) so we did our shopping and ran like the wind. Oh, except that they didn’t have any candy corn, which we really wanted to use for the cupcake monster hair (you’ll see what I mean in a bit) so we still had to stop at one more place (that didn’t have any either – I mean, hello, it’s Halloween, don’t you people order enough candy corn to accommodate the last-minute candy corn buyers? And honestly, does anyone even LIKE candy corn? ) and then we came home.

But .. um .. I don’t have pictures of any of that, cause well, who would take pictures when the wheels are falling off the wagon? And even if I had em, I sure as heck wouldn’t share em. Β So ~ since there are no pictures, I guess we get to pretend that none of that part of the day actually happened.Β Whee!

Moving on ..


After trashing the kitchen getting the cupcakes and cake in the oven, it was time for some lunch.

Peanut butter ghosty sandwiches with mini chocolate chip eyes offered sustenance.

Ooh, scary …

Then it was time for phase two of Operation Distraction – decorating the cupcakes …

It’s not fun if it’s not messy …

Eek! A monster …

A spooooooky skeleton …

A witch in flight – (Can you see her red licorice broom? Super witchy) …

The whole spooky cupcake gang …

And their silly, spooky friends ..

After a little break to run around the house bouncing off the walls let the sugar settle, it was time for dinner.

First course: pumpkin quesadillas …

Followed by jack o’lantern cheeseburgers …

And mummy hot dogs

(Thanks for the inspiration, Drama Mama!) …

Followed by the oh-so-ghastly ghosty cemetery cake.

(Thanks to Grandpa DD for the nifty lighting – nothing like having a professional photographer around who just happens to travel with a camera bag full of cool stuff that can make your kids’ marshmallow ghosts look extra spooky) …

And then, finally – FINALLY! – it was time for the big event.

And not a moment too soon. Our little Foofa was amped up and ready to go ring some doorbells …

Along with her sister, the hot pink bird who had gone to Vegas to become a movie star.

As though you had to ask …

And off into the night they went.

Foofa and the movie star bird …

And as we walked from house to house, I took a deep breath.

The air was cool and crisp. The leaves crunched beneath our feet. Our family was together, traipsing through the neighborhood, being exactly who we are.

I say it every year, and every year I mean it. This was the best Halloween ever.

Hope yours was too!

39 thoughts on “halloween 2010

  1. I love the girl’s costumes and all of the treats!! Our J went to a dance on Fri night as a pirate and he loved it!! I do remember the trick or treating days when he would ring the bell and want to go into everybody’s house!! Some of his classic costumes included Judge Ito during the OJ Simpson days. He is basically non-verbal but he could say E O!! Fun times!!

    • omg, i LOVE judge ito .. that’s AWESOME! over the years katie has been some doozies, from a girl in a bed to a washing machine. i LOVE the outside the box ideas!

  2. seriously you are 1 cool mom, decorating and making toally nutritious stuff to eat all day long. look for a box marked fragile on Oct 31, 2011, in it will be 2 goblins, very cute goblins, wanting to experience the high holiday chez style:)

  3. It was great fun eating all of the goodies throughout the day and trick or treating with you and the girls (and Luau and Winston). Loved it and the girls were great.

    Love you,

  4. Love it Jess! Love all the photos–you guys go all out! I’m impressed! Their costumes-so cute! So glad you had a great time.

    • I agree, she’d be in heaven here! My daughter once spent the better part of a year in her Snow White costume, which by the end of the year was more like pre-makeover Cinderella.

  5. Loved it, especially the dog’s hair (no matter *what* Luau thinks)! I want a cupcake now!!

    In Brooke’s slender arms, I see the promise and strength I see in my little man’s. Odd comment, but I saw them making cupcakes and thought, “Their arms are so alike. One day, he will make cupcakes, too.”

  6. Completely awesome!!! Loved it ALL!!!

    You totally deserved a day like this! I’m glad you all had such a great time.
    Oh- and I think candy corn is icky too buy my daughter loves the stuff. Blech!

  7. Grace said “Oh, the girl from LazyTown!” when she saw the pink bird costume. How many years ago was THAT one on TV??!! Great photos!!

  8. Second coming of Betty Crocker doesn’t even come close! You are a turbo-charged miracle, Jess – just LOOKING at those pictures made me exhausted! Wish it could be Halloween for you every day (along with four or five extra hours of sleep and a full-time cleaning crew…) and I’m glad you had such a wonderful day!

  9. My gal had total meltdown while trick or tearing as her friend kept getting to the door before her. It was fun then trying then fun again. Our first year where she didn’t want to be a princess or a fairy. She went as a zombie.
    I love all your distractions! I may have to copy those next year!

  10. Totally keeping those adorable food ideas in my back pocket for when Miss Molly is old enough!! Happy Happy Halloween to you and the whole family- including your rockstar dog πŸ™‚


  11. my sons first real halloween…although hes 4 years old, he loved it..especially the doorbell ringing!
    Loved the costumes, glad u all had a fun day.xx

  12. Okay, so I made my husband hide the “good” post-Halloween take yesterday, and I’ve been SO mature, but seeing those cupcakes has just put me over the edge again. Next year I think you should take orders!

    And yes, I actually do like candy corn…

  13. What a grand day! Clever, clever.

    We had our first t or t’s at around 2:00. My daughter didn’t have Bells ready until close to five! You are so right about the joy of allowing a script to be repeated over and over and no one noticing.



    DP-P ~ I’ll have you know I’m stealing every single idea for next year πŸ™‚ You really know how to rock Halloween!!!

    THS ~ It’s interesting because Halloween is one of our hardest holidays. My son wants to be the only one who gets to ring the bell, needs to ring it a 1,000 times, wants to have a 5hr conversation about how he is allergic to everything and the candy they gave him is not safe and does not understand we can’t go to 1,000 houses, and the fight to eat the candy non -stop all hours of the day and night afterwards. We opted out and went to Six Flags to regulate ourselves on the rollercoasters and we were happy with our 2 large pieces of candy and it was done.

    TB ~ This may be my favorite post! My daughter is still laughing about the punk rock dog! You are such a great mom!

    MHP ~ Her smile is worth 1000 words and more!!! Beautiful!!


    Diary of a Mom Thanks guys! And @TB – it’s just one more testament to the fact that when you’ve met one person with autism you’ve met ONE person with autism. While our children have much in common, their strengths and challenges manifest themselves in as many ways as there are individuals. For us, Halloween just happens to ‘be the convergence of all things Brooke. For others, it’s hell on earth. I think it’s wonderful that you head to a place that works for your family and make the holiday your own. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

  15. LOVE This post!!! Am Totally Saving the adorable food ideas to pull out for next years festivities! I am still re-cooperating from this year….what a weekend. The Adults in my son’s world are all completely worn out, but it was worth it to watch him giggle and in his own way, interact, with the other children of our neighborhood!so what if he started trying to put his costume on a WEEK early!and I just realized that this year…I forgot to do the ONE thing I do for me…I forgot to get my candy Corn! Oh well….the kids had a Blast and that is what counts right?

  16. Hi you have a wonderful family. I love reading your stories. I am an aunt of a special needs child. I’m one of his caregivers. My family have crazy meltdown days and i can relate to yours. I have a few questions I would like to ask you if you have any spare time.

  17. Your girls simply SHINE! Those smiles, oh those smiles! Love this post, so awesome to see your girls sharing a great day.
    You really know how to pull out the stops for Halloween. I’m taking notes for next year. πŸ™‚
    I totally love how this is the time of year that fits Brooke perfectly.

    Halloween for us is fun, but my guy is on edge (he doesn’t do costumes) and doesn’t have the endurance for rapid changes of TrTing house to house. Counting candy, sorting candy, lining up candy is the best though. Since everything is about Christmas in our house, my kids save their Halloween candy to make gingerbread houses with. LOL

  18. its what memories are made of and your girls are so blessed to have a great mom. i love halloween and every year we try to make it special too! sounded like a perfect day/night!

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