mama’s here – on hopeful parents


Hopeful Parents




I’m at Hopeful Parents today, reflecting on fear and faith.

Please click on over. And leave a comment there, if you’re so inclined. I love hearing from you.

Oh, and wander around the site a little while you’re there, won’t you? There are some wonderful writers who you’ll love getting to know. I’m just going to grab my coffee and then I’ll meet you there.


What are you still doing here?



3 thoughts on “mama’s here – on hopeful parents

  1. If you do it right,(and you do), you will always be there in her heart, and her mind, and she will have many parts that are you within her. She will reach down inside herself and talk to her Mama in her head and soul and you will bring her the answer or the hope she needs to get thriugh it all.
    I promise, because Daddy is always there for you to catch you when you fall.
    DADDY’s HERE, my love

  2. This was beautiful Jess. The worst thing I have faced is not being able to save my kids from such hard struggles. My son that passed away and now my middle man with his daily struggles on the spectrum. That instinct just wants to stop it all. I can’t so I fall where I am safe and cry out for help. Trusting.
    Thanks for writing this so well…your words really reach deep.

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