Posted in December 2010

mad at you

The Mii Plaza Katie was frustrated with her sister. She had just discovered that Brooke had once again erased her Mii (her custom designed avatar) from the Wii. Brooke loves to make Miis. Lots of them. Hundreds of them. When she says that she wants to ‘play the Wii’, what she really means is ‘makes … Continue reading

katie day 2010 – the day in pictures

Yes, my friends, it’s [Katie] day again. The day when the world turns pink and [our family is] led by the whims and wishes of a nine year-old. And once again, I’m thankin’ my lucky stars that I get the Four Seasons and Daddy gets Chuck E Cheese. Just sayin .. ~ My Facebook status … Continue reading

autism friendly

** Ed note: I have ten minutes. That’s it – ten minutes. So typically I’d say, ‘screw it’ and just chalk up yet another day without a post. But I can’t. Partly because one of my readers (ahem, know who you are) might stage an uprising. But mostly because I HAVE to share something with … Continue reading

where’s molly

. . *PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO* . The video is approximately eight minutes long. I implore you to watch it before you read on. Please. It matters. * This coming Monday kicks off Inclusive School Week 2010. Throughout the week, school districts around the country will highlight the ongoing efforts and accomplishments of families, … Continue reading

flushing the sadness

* My Katie is struggling. I returned to work this week, after eight months at home with my girls. Eight months of driving them to school every morning, almost without fail. Eight months of picking them up in the afternoon. Eight months of Katie running into my arms on the school yard most days, squealing … Continue reading

no one will be disappointed

    click to enlarge ** Little Einsteins Isa plush doll (1 Mary Magdalene* doll 2 Marys* Benny plush doll (2 Amaricen Girl doll (3 Tico Plush doll Moose and Zee (4 Blocks (5 Tetty bear (6 Jeffry* doll (7 Matthew* doll (8 John the baptist* doll (9 Mary Carson* doll (10 betty Lou (11 … Continue reading