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** I scanned Brooke’s home-school communication log before sitting down to dinner. Every night, I search the day’s entry for an interesting morsel that I can use to ask her about her day. If there’s been an event of some kind – something outside of her typical schedule – it’s all the better to try … Continue reading


Katie and I were face to face on the toboggan. She had hatched a plan to go down the hill backwards in order to avoid getting snow in her face. “Remember, Mama,” she shouted over the wind, “You’ve got to steer!” I laughed, knowing full-well that this plan was likely doomed for some sort of … Continue reading

brooke order

I’ve been reminded an awful lot lately that autism is a developmental disorder. Yes, we all know that, but we know it as one blurry word, don’t we? Autismisadevelopmentaldisorder. Sometimes we miss the most important part. Autism is a developmental DIS-order. Development happens IN A DIFFERENT WAY than the typical order of business. ‘A’ does … Continue reading


  I have no time to write. None. Zero. Zip. But I am too excited to keep this to myself, so in ten five minutes or less, here it is. My baby has started asking questions. Real, honest to God questions. Questions that are borne not of need, but of curiosity. Questions that serve no … Continue reading


* I was desperate to find something for my friend. I knew that nothing material could possibly ease the pain that the past few weeks (or months or years) have wrought, but I needed to DO something. I tried to bring her supplies when she was stuck in the house during the storm. She refused. … Continue reading

i swear

  ** Katie and I are alone in the car, returning from a marathon session of errand running. Yeah, good times. “Mama?” she asks, “Do you think I could start swearing a little? You know, like just the light ones, maybe?” I smirk, remembering a friend relaying an almost identical conversation she’d had with her … Continue reading

the dream – on hopeful parents

.   .   I’m at Hopeful Parents today, reflecting on Dr King’s legacy and what it means to our children. Please click on over. And leave a comment there, if you’re so inclined. I love hearing from you. Oh, and wander around the site a little while you’re there, won’t you? There are some … Continue reading

autism aware

** Ed note: Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on yesterday’s post. (Except for the one who felt the need to write ‘This retarded.” in response to a post about how hurtful the word can be to our children, written in large part by a nine-year old. Classy, my friend, classy.) But … Continue reading

that’s retarded

But for our part, we are trying to awaken the world to the need for a new civil rights movement — of the heart. ~ Timothy Shriver * Ed note: Yes, I did actually write the following note to my colleague. Yes, I actually asked him to lean over and read it on my computer … Continue reading