13 thoughts on “What I would do with a billion dollars

  1. I think I would move to a newer house that doesn’t need quite so many repairs.. Or maybe I would just fix up the old house I live in.

    I would have to put aside money to help Jack have the supports he may need as he goes through life.

    And I would give to charity. I love your list of charities. I would add Nashoba Learning Group to that list. I would like to have a Nashoba Learning Group in every state because they really help kids with severe autism that a lot of people just give up on.

  2. Katie you’ve proven again what an amazing young lady you are. When thinking of having a billion dollars you thought of others instead of just yourself. I hope you get your iTouch soon, you certainly deserve it!

  3. Great post Katie! Love your choices for a billion dollars. Boo said she would buy her very own pizza hut and a movie theater. She would let cats come to the movies! Loved the joke too. Is that a baby skunk. He’s actually really cute!

  4. Katie, I sure hope you get that iTouch soon! A billion dollars? Hmmm, well, after paying off things like my house and Nik’s grandparents’ house so no one ever has to worry about not having one… I guess I’d look into finding some of the best doctors around who could help me figure out why my son has so many health troubles. And I think I’d build a special playground in my town that would be accessible to ALL children including those with disabilities. Then? I’d make a huge donation to the the two hospitals in California that helped save my son’s life. I’d make it a trust that would help families pay for surgeries and things they couldn’t afford. Kind of like St. Judes.

  5. I think the lesson learned regarding the Lemonade Stand is priceless. I wish that more parents would involve their children is volunteerism and giving. Imagine the fate of the world if everyone parented in that manner.

  6. Katie, I was really struck by the fact that you’re going to give Mama the money for those parts of your jacket if you can’t find it. The fact that you’re also going to give to charities continues to prove your generosity which as your Grammy, I always knew about you.
    The first thing I would do with a billion dollars would be to buy a house near you and the family so I could be closer to you. Then I would probably make you my money manager because you’re so great at thinking about what to do with money such as charities, etc.
    Anyway, it’s fun to think about.

    I love you, Katie!

  7. Katie, Mackenzie is saving for her own Itouch too. It seems like a long time for her too , bit it means so much more when you use your own money! I am typing this on my own Itouch that I bought with my Christmas money. You will find that there are a LOT of free apps you can get, so you won’t need money for that right away. I love how you thought of others first when you divided your billion dollars! You are one super special girl!

  8. Such a sweet girl you are! I know a little boy who spent three years getting treated for leukemia at St. Jude’s. He has been cancer free for almost two years! It’s a wonderful place and I love that you had a lemonade stand for St Jude’s. The world is a better place because YOU are in it!

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