Posted in February 2011

how – part two

So where was I? Ah, yes. My friend, Cole* had reappeared in my life after some obscene amount of time – that I can’t keep saying because it makes me feel OLD, so we’re just going to go with, “Oh, look, there’s Cole and he’s all grown up.” Deal? Cole had made it clear that … Continue reading


OK, guys. Don’t hate me. I know that some of you (don’t worry, April, I’m not naming names. April.) aren’t going to be too thrilled that I’m taking a detour from telling the improbable story of the public servant who was actually looking to serve the public. But as it turns out, trying to tell … Continue reading

how – part one

* I have a confession. I’ve been avoiding you. Listen, I don’t want this to get all weird or anything. I swear it’s not you. It’s me. But well, I needed a little space. A lot has happened since our last conversation. No, really. A LOT. Yes, I know it’s only been a matter of … Continue reading

hope defined at hopeful parents

.   .   I’m at Hopeful Parents today, talking about, well .. hope. Please click on over. And leave a comment there, if you’re so inclined. I love hearing from you. Oh, and wander around the site a little while you’re there, won’t you? There are some other wonderful writers who you’ll love getting … Continue reading

the pass

I’ve been at the cancer center for nearly three hours. It’s a beautiful new facility. The waiting rooms are bright and airy and as inviting as they can be. I’m sipping the free coffee while I wait. I hate it here. I hate everything about this place. I hate the tired eyes, the fear, the … Continue reading

my sweet valentine

Brooke is sitting in Luau’s SUV inside the garage, still bundled up. Luau and Katie have run into the house momentarily, grabbing what we will need before heading out to dinner. Brooke must have asked to stay in the car. I’ve just come in from walking Winston. It’s Friday night and I have not seen … Continue reading

too much – a long, meandering rant

Ed note: What follows is, as the title implies, long. And meandering. Somewhere in the middle it takes a sharp turn and ends up in an entirely different place than where it started. I did what I could to rein it back in, but I’m not guaranteeing success. I’m not even sure it’s entirely coherent, … Continue reading

sweet emotion

** If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you know that we’ve been working with Brooke on identifying emotions for YEARS. Despite fleeting glimmers of hope along the way, Brooke, like so many kids on the spectrum, has had a very hard time identifying feelings – both her own and those of the … Continue reading


** My dashboard is littered with half-finished posts. They make up a varied lot – some are celebratory, some are brooding, some are calls to action. The common thread is that they all feel BIG. Even the celebratory ones feel HEAVY today. The things they celebrate – the watershed moments of obvious progress or the … Continue reading

odds are

** I remember once leaving an appointment with a photographer when the girls were little. The photographer had been something of a strange bird – an artsy type who lived and worked on an old mill. While her photographer’s eye was incredibly astute, her social skills were ever so slightly off kilter. As we got … Continue reading