My dashboard is littered with half-finished posts. They make up a varied lot – some are celebratory, some are brooding, some are calls to action.

The common thread is that they all feel BIG.

Even the celebratory ones feel HEAVY today. The things they celebrate – the watershed moments of obvious progress or the small nuances that simply FEEL like forward motion – aren’t easily wrangled into words and sentences. They loom large over the keyboard, daring me to try to convey their meaning in a post.

So I’m giving up. Just for today, I’m throwing in the towel.

I surrender.

Instead of writing today, I’m going to let Brooke do the talking.

As much as I love to hear my girl’s voice, it’s not the reason that I watch this video over and over and over again. I watch it because there’s a gift at the end. A treasure more precious than gold. And like so many of the gifts on this journey, this one was a long time in coming. Years, in fact.

Even now, it’s elusive, sometimes disappearing for days on end.

But here in this little video, I get to see it all that I want. Because it’s here in all of its glorious depth and wonder and in this mother’s opinion, breathtaking beauty.

My daughter’s eyes.


Ed Note: Thank you, Miss Marjory. You’ve given my family so much joy.

28 thoughts on “polly-mitcha-cameo

  1. So beautifully present. I could drown in her warm, gentle eyes. *sigh* I love those brief, brilliant moments of connection with Nik, too, when they come. I savor them, for sure.

  2. It’s moments like these that help bullet proof our hearts for the struggles. The more I watch my favorite moments in photos or video the more strength I gain for the future. Thank you for sharing – your writing inspires and helps me so much.

  3. Whew, I’m not alone 🙂 I’ve watched my daughter sing the polar express song at least a thousand times for the same reason. It just doesn’t get any cuter!!

  4. I remember when “I love you” was one of those “Elvis Sightings” to us (as Joy Mama calls them). It hurt so much- and yet reinforced by that connection, I knew we could build a bridge. Now, she pulls the typical almost-10 year old “uh huh” to me when I say “I love you”- but she gives me her eyes. Just lovely…

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