hope defined at hopeful parents


Hopeful Parents




I’m at Hopeful Parents today, talking about, well .. hope.

Please click on over. And leave a comment there, if you’re so inclined. I love hearing from you.

Oh, and wander around the site a little while you’re there, won’t you? There are some other wonderful writers who you’ll love getting to know.

I’ll see you there!


What are you still doing here?



2 thoughts on “hope defined at hopeful parents

  1. That email description made my blood boil. A precious, precious child created and loved by God being made fun of. How hard are the hearts that would laugh at that? gail

  2. Hi:

    I have been reading your site for a long time but this is my first comment. Your post and Katie’s really struck a chord with me. Yesterday, while reading the latest issue of Vanity Fair, I came across the retarded used in a quote in one of their articles. In the past, I would have been annoyed and moved on. This time, I wrote a letter to the editor. Just wanted you and Katie to know that you caused another ripple.


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