to those who ask why


Hello. I came across your blog on facebook; a friend of mine that has a son with Autism posted and I read it. Then read some more and cried. I do not have a child with a disability but I know LOTS who do. I never really understood what a parent of a child with Autism goes through. I judged. I thought oh my God just ignore that or how can he be scared of a disney movie or why can’t you control him …..etc etc reading your blog gave me a lot of insight on what a parent really faces that has a child on the spectrum. thank you. I now have some understanding, as I can never fully really understand not going through it first hand.

~ a comment on Diary’s ‘about’ page

To those who ask why we tell our stories, this is one of so many reasons why.

To this new reader, thank you.

Thank you for clicking, for reading, for sticking around. For caring enough to face a hard truth and to let compassion lead your heart to acceptance.

For all of our precious children, I am grateful.


ed note: There’s been a LOT of news in the last twenty-four hours surrounding my letter to the President asking him to light the White House blue on April 2nd in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. I was told last night that the letter had already made its way into the hands of the administration. In fact, it landed with the gentleman to whom President Obama had alluded in the video that I referenced in the letter. (And not for nuthin’, but how’s that for a sentence?) Today, it will travel there by other means (Thank you, Cole, from the bottom of my heart!), and hopefully will ultimately find itself in the hands of its intended addressee.

Please continue to share the link and to encourage friends and family to leave comments on the letter. I believe we can do this, my friends.

I will say it again and again – Awareness is not the goal, but the means by which we will achieve it.

Thank you all for your incredible support, your generous and heartfelt comments and your faith that together we can make a better world for our children. Onward.

21 thoughts on “to those who ask why

  1. Yes, this is why. Thank you to the reader who took the time to click the link, read, digest, comment, and really think about what life is like for those on the spectrum and all of us who love them dearly.

    Thank you Jess, for giving so many a light bulb moment, and for being who you are. xoxo

  2. I am constantly amazed by the kind of person that you have become and how important you are to so many. We are all indebted to you for your skills and the voice you give us. Few in our world could articulate the needs we have for our children as skillfully as you do every day. Your great love for your own children provides the backdrop for describing the struggle and giving voice to all those other parents out there who share the same level of love for their babies.
    How proud you make a father feel. I am so blessed.

  3. As your Mother, I’ve said so many times, I’ve always been in awe of you. As a consistent reader, I continue to be in awe of you and all that you’re capable of doing, as well as willing to do. You make this world a better place and all of the children will make the world better, as well. Thank you, Jess!

    I love you,

    • You must be so proud of your wonderful daughter! As the mother of a newly diagnosed 3-year-old girl, your daughter has helped me (and I know countless others) feel like I am not alone.

      I read her words and it’s as if she sees into my very soul. Then she touches it ever-so-gently knowing how damaged and lost and weak I feel. And then she gives me hope. She finds strength to make changes and it helps me feel stronger.

      You have an amazing daughter and we are all better because of her.

      Kara Wilson

  4. Oh Jess, this HAS to work. It just HAS to. After reading your words, how can this current administration NOT be moved to change a few light bulbs???
    You have an immense gift. Not just with your words that touch SO many on so many levels, but by just being the person that you are. You are unquestionably a gift to me. I LOVE YOU!!!

  5. Jess! It works! All of the time, energy, tears, and toil to get the message out there… to let people into your own little space… it’s priceless, Jess! Priceless!!!

    You give so much to ALL of us, when just ONE MORE person is touched by your words… it does ripple across the waters… it does help another person living with autism… and another… and another.

    Love you, Mama… Love you so much for the gifts you share with all of us!

  6. I found your blog via FB posts from my college buddy Shannon Leary Knall, a seemingly tireless advocate for autism awareness and forward motion. I admire you both.

  7. Oh, how I hope your letter makes it into the hands of the person for whom it was written.

    Thank you for being our voice, Jess. It gets lonely sometimes. gail

  8. Jess,
    Even if the White House don’t turn blue, I think you have accomplished your goal, just read the comment you posted. You are reaching so many people and increasing their awareness! Thank you for your time and for your blog, you resonate with so many of us who can not write as well as you, you say it for us!

  9. why do we judge? I know I do it. We are all in the same boat, the color or name of the boat doesn’t matter. We are all facing the same types of issues as parents-as mothers. So why do we give that dirty look, or say that remark under our breath? We all have those moments-so next time instead of judging lend support, smile and say I’ve been there too. I’m so glad I found your blog, it has changed me.

  10. Jess you rock! There is no other way of putting it! Your amazing gift of writing has touched the lives of so many people-those with a child with autism and those who do not.
    I have a friend who found your blog though my blog. I have you listed on my favorites. She said reading your posts was an amazing experience for her. She said that she read and read and read….for three hours. She was so moved by your words your amazing spirit and your daughters….well by your entire family. So thank you for writing the president.Thank you for your leadership and for sharing.

  11. Hello!

    I absolutely must get in contact with you! Is there anyway that you could email me at a time that is convenient for you. Its 1:43 am and I’m laying in bed crying over your blog. Ha ha! Not unusual for me as I’m incredibly moved by the battles we fight in our journey against autism. Your daughters are amazing and your writing is fantastic. I wrote a letter myself to the president and posted it on my blog but I want to talk to you about getting support for something else as well. Please contact me at Thank you so much for all you! :o)

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