dear oprah


They give you two thousand characters. Not words, characters. That includes spaces and line breaks, ellipses and apostrophes. It includes quotation marks and dashes, periods and exclamation marks. The whole kit and caboodle. And let me tell you, two thousand characters ain’t much. It takes me two thousand characters to say, “Hi, my name is Jess.” But I did what I could with the space that I had.

Dear Oprah,

Since space is so limited, I have to make this short. I want to be on your show – though God knows what I would wear. I’ve written a letter to President Obama imploring him to light the White House blue in support of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. In it I said:

“My daughter has autism, Mr. President. And you’re right; I love her fiercely. I love her with a ferocity and a tenderness that can only co-exist within a mother’s heart. I love her so much that there is nothing on God’s green Earth that I wouldn’t do to help mitigate her challenges. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to make the world less foreign to her, less hostile. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to ensure that every day when she steps outside our door, she is met with tolerance and understanding and compassion. That she is seen by the world as a full and complete human being and not as a set of challenges encompassed by a single word. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to ensure that her talents and unique gifts are recognized, fostered and celebrated throughout her lifetime ..”

(I have to ask you to click the following link to continue reading the letter. PLEASE do. It says so much more than I can fit into 2000 characters .. While you’re there, PLEASE read the HUNDREDS of comments from every corner of the autism community.

We are a group that can be bitterly divided at times, but here we come together – truly united behind a single purpose – creating awareness. While awareness is not the end-goal, it is the only means by which we will achieve it.

Would you help us convince the President to light the White House blue? Will YOU consider lighting your stage blue on April 2nd?

Thank you for all that you do to make our world a better place. I’d be so grateful for anything you can do for us and more importantly, for our children.

Warmly, Jess

Oh yes, I really did.

73 thoughts on “dear oprah

  1. Oprah would be a perfect platform for YOUR perfect platform!! Go get em Jess!! think you’d be awesome on Oprah – heck, I think you should take over when her show ends!! Now, that would be great TV!!

    • Sorry, next not net. It’s been a rough morning and I’m not fully awake. πŸ™‚ Let us know if she responds!

  2. I am not surprised you did this, but extremely proud of you and excited to see the outcome. I plan to go to my daughter’s school and see if she can get permission to wear a blue autism awareness shirt instead of her uniform shirt on that particular day. You ROCK! Jess! I love that you did this. Someone mentioned you should write Ellen. Go for it. I wonder if we could get Ellen, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Nancy Grace and the other talk show hosts to do the same thing! Definitely worth a try. Maybe I will give you a hand with it.

    • yes! get in there, lady!!

      wouldn’t it be fabulous is every stage were blue that day – if every television show were lit blue in support of our kids? my god, the conversation that would come of it .. and undoubtedly the political, communal and FINANCIAL support that would follow?


  3. Somebody already took “you go girl!”, so I’ll just say this is a great idea! How about trying “The Talk” too? It’s got Holly Robinson Peete, so there’s an autism connection…

  4. Way to go!!! I have no doubt that Oprah’s stage will be blue and you will be sitting on that stage with her!! You are an amazing advocate, wonderful writer, and well one great ma ma to your girls!
    I do have a quick question. I know you are busy so I will be very brief…or I will try.I noticed on your status update on facebook yesterday that you have over 2000 friends but only maybe now close to 400 signatures for your letter. It did not makes sense to me. Now I am new to the blogging world but I love with your permission to post your letter to the president to my blog. I know that I can link people back to your blog in my post, but my thought is that people get so me link back little do dad things across there screens I am not sure they always link back(i think that is what you call it). So if I could write a piece about this amazing letter that you wrote and how it truly touched my heart and that we as a community need people to sign it. I would like to put a copy of your letter in the post with of course complete everything that is is your letter(I can put your name and the copyright below the letter on the post). I think the more people see your letter not just a link on person’s page the more signatures you will get. I just wanted to throw the idea out there. Tried to be brief. You can see my blog at The name of the blog is Redefining Typical A Mother, A Son, A Journey…with Autism. Oh…hey another idea….you have so many mommy autism bloggers who follow you that maybe everyone could put the letter on their blog today(of course with complete credit to you and a link back to your blog)….again just a thought….
    I thank you for your time.

  5. How can we get the “Google” logo to be modified on April 2? Anyone know? Lord knows more people worldwide click on Google everyday than watch Oprah anymore…

  6. Thank you always for all your words and the strengh I find in them.Then last but not at the least… Yeah Baby You Go Get’em!!!! Oprah, Will you light it up blue?

  7. Jess… like… YEAH! Of COURSE!!!

    Can you post the link for all to email Oprah with a “Pretty PLEASE?!?!”

    I think if we can flood her inbox over there at HARPO, You’re in ;0)


    Ever inspiring, Mama… we all LOVE YOU!!

  8. Don’t forget Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly, Dr. Oz… Google would be great. You are awesome Jess!

  9. Mommy bloggers, UNITE! Surely there is a forum out there for us to combine our resources and connections and work TOGETHER with Diary of a Mom! I would LOVE for all of us Mom-bloggers to somehow be able to connect and organize our efforts!

    As always, an amazing job, Jess!!!

    • you can!! just use your keyboard!

      link back to the letter to the president. write to oprah, ellen, google, your local governments, EVERYONE who might listen!

      we ARE connected. we ARE working together. we CAN make an impact.

      (i’m pretty convinced we already are :))

  10. If someone from Oprah’s team is reading this, Jess is an amazing voice for all of us! We need a public forum for our children. Please consider this request, because it comes from the bottom of our hearts…for our kids.

    Jess, amazing, just like your letter to the president. Thanks

  11. If anything can get me to watch Oprah again, it would be an appearance by you. This would show me Oprah has her heart in the right place.

    You inspire me!

  12. Good for you!!! I sent a letter to the executives of Nickeleoden Studies asking them to light their stage blue during the Kids Choice Awards which airs on April 2 nd. It’s not the White House but it would get people talking. I admire you and pray Oprah actually gets your letter and reads it!

  13. Dear Oprah,
    Please let me add my request to light your stage blue & join us in asking the President to light the white house blue. I am the Mommy of 5 year old Triplets with Autism. Yes, Each of my precious little ones are on the spectrum. Emma & Nolan are non-verbal but we are praying for a miracle and they are trying so hard to communicate. Katie began talking at 3 1/2 and hasn’t stopped. Please help us – help our children!
    Thank you Jess for being our voice!
    Mommy to Emma, Katie and Nolan

  14. Add my name to the chorus of support! I have recently discovered your blog and am also a contributor at Hopeful Parents. You’re doing an amazing job advocating for not just our kids, but for our entire community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Oprah, are you listening?

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  17. Thank You Jess so much for your go get’um spirit. I’m praying that we all see so much blue April 1 and 2.
    Thank you again and Keep up the wonderful work!

  18. Oprah could make a difference. She could really make a difference in awareness. Honestly, probably more than the White House. (Although I don’t imagine she has the same pull vis a vis legislation.)

    To have a non-Jenny McCarthy point of view talking about autism on Oprah. I’d watch that. I haven’t watched Oprah in years, but I’d watch thatβ€”especially if it was my darling Jess up there!

  19. Jess, it seems as though you have the whole world behind you on this and you can sure bet you can count me in as another supporter. I just sent an email to Oprah to echo your email, I think the idea of flooding her email is a fabulous idea Rachel, it is the first thought that came to my mind as well. You go Jess!

  20. And why Not write to her Jess ! I would add my voice to yours…whoever you wrote to ! Just had a thought…You should write to Ellen Degeneres also. [if you haven’t already ] Robin

  21. Heeeeerrrrrrreeeeeee’s Jaaaayyyssseeeecccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I love it! You have such a powerful voice and you put it to good use. Those of us not quite so classy and eloquent thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  22. First words out of my mouth – You Go Girl!! It can’t be said enough, so there it is again. I will do my best to re-tweet this (I am such a novice) and hopefully some of the people I stalk, I mean follow, will pass it on! Thank you, Jess, from the bottom of my I-am-so-beaten-down-but-will-keep-on-going heart. Thank you!!

  23. Way to go Jess!!! I’m a big fan!! One day I’m gonna speak out like you are today! Thank you for being a wonderful teacher on how to advocate! My 12 year old son has autism and he is just beautiful…..just like his 3 siblings! Thanks for all you share….I truly appreciate your willingness to share you and your struggles with the rest of us! πŸ™‚

  24. You were already my hero the first day I discovered your blog, but you just take it to a new level every time I turn around. THANK YOU for your blog, for your efforts, and mostly for your awesomeness! Come on Oprah – help us help our children!!!

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