Posted in March 2011

dear mr president

** * Yesterday afternoon, I was asked to write a letter to the President. I thought perhaps they meant the president of the PTO or maybe the president of the local Kiwanis club, but it turned out they meant, you know, the big guy. Like the leader of the free world. THE President. Like of … Continue reading

tell me about a feeling

On Sunday night, my girl was a hot mess. We had just come home from a tough dinner out. She had struggled with the noise level in the restaurant, yet resisted the refuge of her iPod. We’d spun our wheels trying to help. We’d walked the mall in between courses, then she and I escaped … Continue reading

crispy love

** Bedtime, last night. * “I love you so very much baby.” “You do?” “I do.” “You know what?” “What?” “I love you more than toast. With butter on it.” She doesn’t answer. I’m perfectly content to snuggle with her in silence. I relish the closeness. Finally – finally – our world has gone quiet. … Continue reading

this is our autism

Image from Toys R Us ** Toys R Us, Saturday You can’t miss the posters. The puzzle pieces – now instantly recognizable – are everywhere. Every cashier wears a pin that says “Be A Hero For Autism.” It’s that time of year again. I am grateful. And torn. Brooke and I have come to pick … Continue reading

an open letter from the sisterhood

** Ed note: I wish I could say that the following words were mine. They are not. They were written this weekend by one dear friend of mine to another, shared with (and signed by) nearly twenty others. In solidarity, in understanding, in love. In nothing short of sisterhood. My friend’s words resonated somewhere deep, … Continue reading

i hate this sh-t

“I know no greater desperation than being helpless in the face of my baby’s pain.” ~ my facebook status last night “Autism, please go f*%k yourself.” ~ a friend’s facebook status last night ** Katie is struggling, but she’s doing her best to put on a good face for dinner. Her best isn’t working so … Continue reading

a different kind of sister

June, 2008, from Angels Shall Guard Thee ** As our waitress shows us to our table, I drop my coat on the bench next to Brooke and excuse myself to use the ladies room before sitting down. Katie clings to me. “Mama, can I come too? Please?” There’s an urgency painted across her face. Something’s … Continue reading

a beer and a shot (of perspective)

* I see my friend, Jay sitting at the bar when I walk in. I make a bee-line for him and settle onto the stool next to his. . Jay and I have been trying to get together forever. I’ve had to reschedule not once, but twice. It’s just not easy to carve out a … Continue reading