Posted in April 2011

giddy up – a thank you note

Wouldn’t it just be lovely if after Autism Awareness Month was over we all got one day – just one, single solitary day when we didn’t have to be AWARE of autism? Just one, God. Please. For my friends. For their kids. Just one. Amen. ~ My note to my friends this morning ** As … Continue reading

have soapbox, will travel …

* “She packed up her potential and all she had learned, grabbed a cute pair of shoes and headed out to change a few things.” ~ The cover of my all time favorite notebook, by Curly Girl Designs * “Babe, if six months ago someone had come up to me and told me that in six … Continue reading

white house part two

* Read part one here We were divided, based upon our pre-assignments into four groups of thirty odd people each. Each group was then led to a conference room where they would have lunch and offer input on their individual subjects. I was thrilled to be heading to the session on Community-based Services, far and … Continue reading

the white house, part one

* So here’s the problem with trying to write about my experience at the White House. It’s not just that I don’t know where to begin – though I don’t – it’s that for the life of me I can’t possibly fathom how I might wrangle the enormity of it into words. You see, I … Continue reading

please, mr president, step inside

Photo from the ** While the “Event for Autism Awareness Month,” as it’s being billed, is taking place inside the White House today, a very different event will be taking place outside on its lawn. According to USA Today, the White House Easter Egg Roll just keeps getting bigger. This year, the president expects thirty … Continue reading

game on

* We are looking forward to your participation in the Autism Awareness Month event on Monday, April 25. You will hear from senior White House and administration officials. You also will have the opportunity to discuss your experiences and ideas with other stakeholders in the Autism community as well as with government officials. We hope … Continue reading

what she missed

** Thank you all so very much for your love and support following yesterday’s post. I received links to (and incredibly generous offers from) some wonderful photographers and for that I am grateful. There are photographers out there who get it. There are some who already have experience with our kids and many others who are simply … Continue reading

family portrait

** Diary of a Mom Taking advantage of a free sitting with a family portrait photographer tonight. Might be a good thing; might – well, NOT. Wanna lay odds? Diary of a Mom Dear photographer, I didn’t spend 1/2 hr on the phone w u b/c i wanted to hear my own voice. When I … Continue reading

a conversation with katie

Photo by (and including) Brooke * “So, Mama, there are these little fish that swim with sharks. And even though they could, the sharks don’t eat em. They’re called pilot fish, and they act like toothpicks for the sharks. They go right INSIDE their mouths and they eat out the stuff that’s stuck. There’s a … Continue reading