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mom, watch this

Ed note: The girls and I are on vacation.  I posted a story from Day Two on Hopeful Parents over the weekend, but didn’t manage to link to it here. The story was a tough one to write and a nearly impossible one to live. The story that follows, however, is from Day Three – … Continue reading


** OK, so let’s be honest. Autism bloggers ain’t in it for the money. You know .. ’cause there isn’t any. We certainly aren’t in it for the swag. ‘Cause um, there isn’t any of that either (which is really kind of a bummer ’cause I could totally rock the swag). We don’t do it … Continue reading

oh, you know, just a little light reading

* There is no frigate like a book ~ Emily Dickinson ** * ** Yes, Really. Two years ago? I never would have thought it possible. But my girl reminds me again and again that anything is possible. That with dedication, patience, tenacity (and love) EVERYTHING is possible. Carry on.

up and out

“She is a friend of my mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It’s good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind.” ~ from Toni Morrison’s Beloved, sent to me in just … Continue reading

guilt -> gratitude -> responsibility

Ed note: I put the following up on Diary’s Facebook page on Saturday. I feel the need to repost it here for a couple of reasons. Firstly, not everyone who reads Diary is on (or follows it on) Facebook and I really wanted everyone to see it. But more importantly, I wanted it to be … Continue reading

earrings, take two

* Brooke and I sat on the floor of her room just before bedtime. The house was unusually quiet. Katie had spent the night at the circus with her Big Sister (a mentor from the local high school) and Luau was getting ready to go pick them up. The quiet was nice. Brooke was calm … Continue reading


* Saturday night. Luau held the popcorn. I had the drinks. He smiled at the ticket taker as he handed him our tickets. They exchanged some friendly small talk and we moved down the hallway toward our theater. An hour and a half with Matthew McConaughey doing what he does best was precisely what I needed … Continue reading

child rearing lesson #436

  * The following has nothing to do with autism. Or advocacy. Or lights – blue or otherwise. It has nothing to do with changing the world or inspiring … well, anything. In fact, it’s nothing more than what I find to be an amusing anecdote at my own expense, and a reminder of Child … Continue reading

what she needed

* She showed me the picture covertly so that Brooke wouldn’t see it. “Look, Mama, I drew Brooke as Rapunzel in the tower and that’s me, climbing up her long hair to come save her! Don’t you think she’ll love it?” Katie had been working on the picture for nearly half an hour before she … Continue reading

and she told two friends ..

    Ed note: I had hoped to write an introduction to the following letter that I recently received from a reader. But the last twelve hours have not looked kindly on such pursuits. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure it can stand on its own. I will say just one thing – I never thought I’d … Continue reading