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what i would tell you

* Ed note: What follows is barely English. I’m pretty sure it’s essentially a series of very long, run-on sentences (with a few fragments thrown in for fun). There’s also a whole lot of random punctuation – a comma here, a hyphen or two there. If I had the time, I’d edit it. But I … Continue reading

sisters – on special needs siblings saturdays

**   ** Please join me over at The Squashed Bologna today. I’m honored to be a part of Varda’s Special Needs Siblings Saturdays Series, helping to shine a spotlight on the often unsung heroes in our families’ stories. Please CLICK ON OVER. And while you’re there, share your thoughts with Varda. If nothing else, you … Continue reading


Yes, we took pictures of Brooke getting an EEG. Why? Because we billed it as an adventure. And when on an adventure, one takes pictures. Right? Right.  ** Her Royal Highness, Princessa Brooke, boned up on the Here We Go For An EEG social story on the ride to the hospital. (For the record, she pronounced EEG as … Continue reading


** All, My girl was nothing short of heroic today. All the while – through each and every single moment of the day – she was perfectly, authentically HER. I have never been more proud of her than I am right now. We spent the day surrounded in your love and comforted by your prayers. … Continue reading

sleep deprived

*** Monday night ..  To: Team Brooke From: Jess . All, . Luau and I have been noticing over the past few days that Brooke has been looking up (not moving her head, but rolling her eyes toward the ceiling) quite a bit. We’re wondering if any of you have observed the same and if … Continue reading

mother’s day in pictures

** As you may have heard, the girls surprised me with a trip to the spa on Mother’s Day. Well, sort of. It was a trip to the Mama Spa, which, as it turns out is in my very own house and has the two cutest spa attendants I’ve ever seen. Well, unless you count … Continue reading

gone fishing

I thought about just putting this up for a couple of days .. .. and going on my merry way. Because I said I was going to PULL BACK – and I meant it. But let’s be honest, I’m not exactly the fishing type. I mean, I love the water and the solitude is great, … Continue reading

pulling back, on hopeful parents

. . I’m at Hopeful Parents today, talking about pulling back. Please click on over. And leave a comment there, if you’re so inclined. I love hearing from you. -> CLICK HERE<-

tired, 2011 redux

** Warning, dear reader. If you’re the kind who comes here for a daily dose of optimism, please feel free to skip this post entirely. No, seriously, just move right along and we’ll pretend you were never here. Surf on over to Huff Po or check out TMZ or go see what’s happening on PopEater. … Continue reading