to my mama friends


To my Mama friends

How I wish

We all lived closer

Friends down the block

Who could gather in a single backyard

Put on a pot of coffee

And let the kids run free

We laugh together

We cry together

We overeat together

We wallow

We celebrate

We strengthen

We stand behind

We pull back up

We remind each other to find the humor

To see the miracles

To live in the moment

To feel the graces small and unfathomably large

We ease each other’s fears

And stoke each other’s hopes

We adore each other’s children

Whether we’ve ‘met them’ or not

We hold each other in prayer

And each other’s children in our hearts


We are a sisterhood of mamas

As diverse as the spectrum is wide

We disagree

As sisters are wont to do

But we come together

Because sisters always will

We fight a system that fails our babies

Around the country

Around our towns

And in our schools

We teach each other

We learn from one another

We make each other better mothers and better people

Every day


To my Mama friends

How I wish

We all lived closer

Friends down the block

Who could gather in a single backyard

Put on a pot of coffee

And let the kids run free


A very Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama friends ~ without whom this journey would be .. well, I’d really rather not think about it. 

32 thoughts on “to my mama friends

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Jess.

    Oh, how we all would hang so happily in that village all to ourselves – to gather together on a whim. But we need to be sprinkled around among the rest of the world so that we can share this life with everyone – and eventually the village will have no boundaries. A day will come when our children step foot outside their space and they will find a welcoming, understanding, accepting village throughout the world. In our own backyards, our own neighbors and nearby friends will gather. Because you worked so hard to help make it that way.

    Thank you.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Jess! That was beautiful, thank you! I hope you enjoy a wonderful day with your family. Last night, in our house, Autism won. I hope today is a better day. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers always! xoxo

  3. Happy Mothers Day everyone… To all the moms out there thank you so much for all the compassion, understanding, patience, and support!

  4. What a lovely post…Happy Mother’s Day to you, Jess. I know you will be enjoying your family. xoxo Carol

  5. I wish that too…often. I’m honored to be part of this sisterhood…every single day. When I lived without it life was very different. It was neither terribly dark nor dreary, but I’ve foudn that in it, there is so much light, so much hope, and fidelity. One day, we’ll collect from all of the corners of the world, sit down, and have that coffee. Thank you, Jess for bringing us together.

  6. Lovely, Jess. Just lovely. I wish too that we could all meet — even if it’s just once. Perhaps we should work on this. Happy Mother’s Day! Jen

  7. Thank you! Very Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for serving as a voice and the “glue”. Hope your day is wonderful!!!!

  8. Finally had a chance to catch up with the week’s posts. What an AMAZING job you did in DC, in a quite intimidating forum. You truly held your own, and included us too! A heartfelt “amen” on today’s post too. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!

  9. Exactly how I feel.. Love you for capturing it so perfectly.. My virtual life preservers.. Thanks for keeping me afloat.

  10. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, but especially to you moms that travel the spectrum path with me. I am grateful to not be alone.

  11. I love today’s post! Happy Mama Day to you! I am so glad to have found you in cyberspace…you have been a great help and inspiration to me during a most challenging year in my life! I always look forward to reading what you have to say!

  12. Happy Mothers Day Jess!! Since I found your blog, I have felt like a part of the DOAM family and for that I am forever thankful!! Hope your day was extra special for you and your family!!

  13. Jess,
    I’m late again, but despite the skinned knee and busted lip, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I too wish you lived down the street, but if you did you would not have been able to make it to the White House and God knows I am so glad you went. Your girls are so lucky to have you and we are all so glad to have you in our corner too.

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